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bunnyrabbit2 avatar 10:21 PM on 07.13.2008  (server time)
If you love it change it: GTA4 Multiplayer

First off, I know this MM finished ages ago but it seemed like a fitting name for what I am about to write.

I was playing GTA4 earlier having fun getting into epic police chases and outrunning/killlling the cops and it got me thinking. Why does this never really happen in multiplayer? My theory is that the only mode where you can do this properly is free mode and that requires organisation, something not normally found in free mode. I figured the only real way to fix this problem would be to create extra modes for the things I love.

Mode 1 – The Heist

This is where you and up to four of your buddies will pick a bank from the ones available in the city. From here, it will play a short cutscene sort of like the one in the main story and it will end with you in possession of large amounts of money, but with every cop ever onto you. That is where the gameplay kicks in. From here your objective is just to get away from the five star wanted level you get handed. If you decide to shoot your way to freedom you will probably pick up that 6th star. Then you use any and all tricks in your book form explosions to the subway to get away. Getting shot will drop the amount of the money you have by a little bit.

Mode 2 – Kill the Boss

In this, you have to attack a compound covered in bad guys. You and your buddies can do this in a variety of ways from ramming the gate open and going in Rambo style to having sniper support for somebody you send in. The objective is to get into a house and kill The Boss. I have not looked around for places this can take place yet but I can imagine there are places. I know the hotel next to the park could be used for this quite well, as could the block of flats seeing as both of these areas are used in singeplayer mission alike to this mode.

Mode 3 – The Prison Raid

This mode puts one of the players inside the prison and has them wait while the others have to get him out and to an objective point at the Airport with an permanent 6 star rating. Essentially, you have to break into jail and get him out. He will not get a gun or armour until the other players give some to him. If he dies, the mission fails. This is a pretty straightforward mode but could lead to some pretty amazing things happening.

Mode 4 – The Deal Gone Bad

You start with a cutscene showing a deal between your guys and some other guys. As it is going down, the shit hits the fan and the deal is busted up Vice City style. The guys who raid you then take off with the drugs and the money and you have to chase them down and kill them to get your stuff back. You will only fail if they get too far away and by too far away I mean a LONG way away (Escaping on a helicopter, boat, etc.) This is a lot like one of the modes already there but by changing the setting a bit it could make it a lot more enjoyable.

Another thing that would be cool is turning these modes into versus modes. Like making one team the guys having their deal busted up and the other doing the busting up and escaping. This way it is sort of like Cops vs Robbers only because it is Robbers vs Robbers you can have a wanted level too.

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