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My life is pretty terrible but not as bad as it could be. I'm a programmer and currently I'm trying to put together some small games as a step to making the bigger, cooler ones.

I tend to stick to shooter games or Rock Band but I play a lot of RPGs too. Outside of video games I play Magic: The Gathering and have over the years tried my hand at lots of tabletop RPGs.
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Don't ask about the picture. I just needed something quick.

Well, its that time again. Time to kill the ameri- I mean, have some good fun with each other online. It seem the americans are celebrating something or other today. As far as I am concerned what's past is past and we should look to the future where we will all be riding hover turtles and shooting each other with LAZORZ.

As for the games, I will be running good old Halo 3 again this week. I am going to hop on about half nine or so but the Official Start Time is 10pm GMT. Just send me (GT: BunnyRabbit2), Razerangel (GT: Deadgreystar) or Gibbo (GT: JGibbo08) as message and we shall grab hold of you by your manly balls (or womanly ovaries) and drag you into the PAIN ARENA.

If I am not online, it we be because I have passed out due to lack of sleep.

Also, if you are a sonyfag (unlike us 360fags) then check out that FNF OVER HERE

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