My life is pretty terrible but not as bad as it could be. I'm a programmer and currently I'm trying to put together some small games as a step to making the bigger, cooler ones.

I tend to stick to shooter games or Rock Band but I play a lot of RPGs too. Outside of video games I play Magic: The Gathering and have over the years tried my hand at lots of tabletop RPGs.
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Basically, Rev took Bill, so I am taking Francis. Like he said, you cannot dispute this.

Here is my reasoning:

1. He is a biker, and therefore badass.
It is a well known fact that biker = badass. Somehow, this is almost always true. On the levels of badass, biker is just behind old army guy

2. He cannot read
Why does this make him cool you wonder? Because it means he dropped out of school. He was too cool for school and therfore dumped it to go work in a bar and on his bike. School gets in the way of boozing and loving.

3. He is not gay
Contrary to popular belief, Francis is not gay. The name might put you off, but that was just dickhead parents and it helped him to prove a point by getting past the slightly gay name. I would imagine that with this man, any hole is a worthy goal and in a Zombpocalypse world, he will take what he can get.

4. You just know he will go out in a blaze of glory
The ultimate display of badassedry for the biker is to go down taking several enemies with you. Whether this is using a gas tank and a flare (New Dawn of the Dead) or just sitting on the floor emptying every fucking round you have into the zombies currently kicking the shit out of, thus allowing your friends to run for safety, it will secure his name and he will be remembered.

So remember, it doesn't matter what the fuck you say because I called dibs. And a cblog dibs is only beaten by front page article dibs.

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