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bunnyXablaze avatar 12:50 AM on 06.02.2008  (server time)
Cinci NARP: wtf is Destructoid?

Was this NARP worth the total 18 hour round trip? Hell yes.

Britini - I think I actually play better with you humping me. ;) (I want to see the video of the RL GTA Stripper action!)
Puppet - The drive with you, didn't suck, you don't seem to be an asshole.. and.. What is it?!
Nico Belic - Your a bad influnence, shot buddy. And I'm sorry about the Hawaian Punch.
Swifty - You witnessed me, during one of the worst times of my roadrage. It's not normally that bad...
Joe - I knew you for a total of an hour, before I got to see your ass through a hawian skirt. good shit haha! And I hope I never see the photos of me with the wrist band skirt on....
Ron - Um.. You're the shit!
Aaron - Thanks for the awesome directionsssss. I was so lost -- and sad.
Keener? - I think you're the one I had the penis and vajayjay conversation with. As much of it as I can remember, it was epic.... (And I didn't lose my cellphone).
Phist, Petie Pal, WollyWorld, Shadow Wolf, and Pedro - (I actually had to ask Puppet what y'alls names were. ): ) But the best conversations outta no where. I'll talk Star Wars with you guys any day! Oh and look!

And here's some other random photos (I didn't actually bring my camera into the place after everyone started showing up)

I wish I could mention everyone else by name -- but lets face it I was a little far gone the majority of the weekend and I sucked with names. But everyone was cool :)

From spending 9 hours in the car with Puppet and passing places in West Virginia called "The Mystery Hole", to Ron almost falling off a 10ft ladder, to Britinis awesome lapdance, to Ninos 360 getting the redring, to conversations about starwars, vaginas, and driving records, to playing Viva Pinata: Party Animals... and still winning while inebriated, to plenty of jello shooters, cherry shots, jager shots, blue mother fuckers, and vodka shots, to getting ahold of the event mic (and nobody taking it away from me..), to hanging out with alot of folks i don't really know...? Destructoid needs to have more NARPS. ASAP.

And I almost forgot...... I say... what what in the butt!

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