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Nintendo NX to include HD DVD drive?

Nintendo today announced a major component of their next generation machine, currently codenamed NX: a HD DVD drive.  In an unprecedented move, it will allow consumers the freedom to play DVD discs for the first tim...


What shall we do with the last-gen gamers?

Early in the morning.  No Fallout 4. No Just Cause 3. No Star Wars: Battlefront. Not even a whiff of Rainbow Six Siege. Nor any poor ports of any other current blockbusters. What's a last-gen action gamer to do this Chr...


Where's my 007: SPECTRE game?!

(Sunday  13/12/15 I've managed to hide this for a few days because of my technical ineptitude and because I keep proof-reading and faffing around with it - so sorry and thank you for the comments!) Minor SPECTRE sp...


Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

First impressions of MGSV are wholly positive.  The game, viewed within the context of its own series, has evolved.  The title screen features a grim-looking Snake/(Boss) looking out at you, so different to the weary salutes ...


A love/hate letter to GTA V.

Is Grand Theft Auto Online worth it? I, for one, do not believe so. To me, it seems like the normally glorious, jam-packed single-player mode Rockstar provides once every three or so years has had, to mangle a phrase, a littl...


My 7th Gen: Xbox 360 games of note

It's always strangely satisfying and yet utterly compelling to read countless articles listing the successes, failures and obscurities of a particular console generation.  The joy lies in recognising where you've had the same...


Why I joined Destructoid

This evening has been a heady rush for me in signing up to Destructoid.  I have spent the last three days, more or less, reading reviews for Call of Duty: Ghosts.  I am reeling from recent news that Blockbuster (UK) have been...


About bry159one of us since 2:18 PM on 11.09.2013

Born in 1985, Bryan's first self-bought console was a SNES and he hasn't stopped using his opposable thumbs since then. He lives in the UK and writes about games irregularly as he gets distracted too often mid-sentence.


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