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brucie97's blog

12:00 AM on 02.19.2009

Busted PS3 Dilemma

So I'm a huge clumsy idiot and dropped my Ps3 while in transit to the Girlfriend's house. It is a (near) launch
60 gb triple (full backwards compatability).

It seems that I have a few options:

1. Fork out the $150 to get mine (possibly) fixed. When it dropped, no outside physical damage happened,
but the mount that holds the outside faceplate solid to the torx screw holding it down broke so it slides freely
up/down. The Sony rep I talked to said any damage to it and they could send it back. Do you think it'd be
noticed? Do they send me out a refurb or fix my own console?

2. Purchase a blu-ray drive off ebay and replace it myself for ~$60-80. Possible miscalculations during
installation or shady dealers on ebay tend to give me the willies when dealing with hardware this expensive.
I am fairly confident I could replace the parts without much trouble, but moreso the ebay issue scares me.

3. The unethical choice: Go to walmart, purchase 80 gig ps3, swap it with my 60 gig and return it. If this
works it'd save me a bunch of cash, if it doesn't... ehhh.. Also, I'd lose any form of backwards compatability.
Its not that I play a whole lot of ps2 games anymore anyways, though I do not have a working ps2 or psOne
any longer, but the thought of having it there if I wanted to is enticing.

Tell me dToiders, what would you do in my situation?   read

3:03 PM on 07.18.2008

Track and Field All-Stars: Eat your heart out!

~8 minutes in. Enough said.   read

12:08 PM on 05.07.2008

Ecco the Dolphin must PERISH!


"...the first recording ever of Orca whales hunting dolphins."

In a Strange Wilderness such as this, we can only speculate that the dolphin owed the whale some amount of money and the whale gang was simply collecting on this debt. If only Ecco could stay away from the craps table!   read

9:11 PM on 04.30.2008

Gamers.. We drink.

And as such, the natural byproduct of this habit is better looking women and better game to seduce said women. And thus... (SFW)

[embed]84107:10961[/embed] video found through Digg that I thought I'd share with you guys if it hasn't been seen yet. Gave me a chuckle.   read

4:27 PM on 01.26.2008

Steam always aids?

Just bought TF2 off of steam all pumped to play it and it says the servers are too busy to download. Kind of disappointed. Is this common? If I ever get it to download hit me up on TF2 to kick my buttox.

Steam ID: Brucifer   read

7:49 PM on 01.18.2008

Like golf games? Read this!

The (hopefully) most epic golf game ever devised is currently in the free beta stage. All credit of my finding this game goes to CNN. Modeled to be the World of Warcraft for the adult, sports oriented group of gamers. Able to be opened in a browser window totally ruins any productivity, as CNN stated, that I had, have, or will ever have in class I do believe. I just can't get over the graphics of the game. From what I understand they used pictures of golf courses and placed your golfer/ball in the image. Sounds wacky but it works if you can get over the cartoon'y character standing in a very photo-realistic environment (which it should be because it is, actually, a photo). I am going to be keeping a close watch on this one.

CNN Tech Article   read

9:54 PM on 01.08.2008

C&C Renegade: The future!

So, we've all heard bits and pieces about the new game Tiberium that is supposed to be coming out.. Here's hoping it doesn't get wrecked.

But anyways.. I am awaiting the arrival of my new Dell XPS 1530 (Hopefully tomorrow!) and I was looking through my old library of pc games. I have decided that the first chance I get I'm installing C&C Renegade as I absolutely LOVED playing that game on my very old very dated computer back in the day. It would chug as soon as more than 2 people got on the screen, making me a liability, but alas those days are gone (hopefully lol).

What made me want to blog today is that I found a site dedicated to the future release of a C&C Renegade remake mod for Unreal Tourney 3! The screens they posted are amazing and make me really really want to play it! I thought I'd pass the info on in case someone else out there besides me liked Renegade haha.. It looks like there are some talented guys working on it and I hope it turns out great.

Here are the screens:

Original Site

PS: Does anyone know any other games similar to Renegade's play-style that I might enjoy? I've been looking @ Warhawk for the longest time as I do have a PS3, but I'm new to the whole PC gaming scene. And Team Fortress 2 has been calling my name as well.. PC vs PS3 version? Let me know what you guys think!   read

8:46 PM on 12.02.2007

First Blog! //Still bored @ work.

Ok, so up here in the frozen tundra of North Dakota we recently got a bit of snow. Not a whole lot but enough to bring the snow cat out of the garage and get her running. Put on about 40 miles today and I need clutch work done something fierce. Every time I stopped I had to do a running Superman dive onto the seat else it didn't have the balls to pull me. Sad sad day.
Which brings me to my next point. Not since Sledstorm for the PSX has a good quality snowmobile game came out. That game captivated me and my cousin for many many hours and is still good enough to merit a trip down nostalgia lane every once and a while. Please oh please someone get a hair up their ass to make a good snowmobile game! Whoever does the MX vs. ATV games, I'm looking @ you!

I've also been looking @ the new phones verizon is getting in the area and holy shit if anyone has a juke u gotta let me know if you can keep your pants on with this heavy bastard in your pocket!! BTW look @ the weight of the damn thing!

PS: Lions lost today (again). :(   read

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