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brosef avatar 10:55 AM on 02.03.2009  (server time)
10 things you didn't know about brosef

I normally don't jump on bandwagons like this, but I haven't posted in a long time and... well, why not. Which brings me to my first point.

1) Though I don't post that often (read: quarterly), I read Destructoid every day. In fact, I've been reading Destructoid since March 2007 thanks to my old roommate mispelt -- who also rarely posts but is an avid reader. After months of compulsive reading, I finally joined in September 2007 and began a comment frenzy that bordered on cyber-stalking. That was also around the time I made the head banner.

2) The comment frenzy probably stemmed from the fact that this is the one and only web community that I have EVER been a part of (unless you count facebook... which I don't). I don't see any reason to join any other site because I love this community.

3) Since I've been around since March 2007, there are some people that I really miss on here. It's only a handful, but this probably stems from the old "the original was better" sentiment that people inevitably fall into when something they love changes. Don't get me wrong, I love this place... I just get nostalgic. In the same way Pheonix-blood was nostalgic when she wrote the epic Never Forget blog You are awesomesauce my dear. Also, I miss epic credits.

4) I'm still making fun of Nex's avatar.

5) My avatar is Tony Clifton. Some of you older members or forum readers (we have forums?) might know who that is. If you don't, well then I'll tell you. It's the alter-ego/rabble-rousing-creation of comedic genius Andy Kaufman, of whom I am a HUGE fan. In my lifetime, I don't think I'll ever see or hear a comedian who I respect and love more than Andy. And that's saying a lot because...

6) I work in a comedy club. I have for almost four years now. I've held different jobs around the club but I currently just wait tables (it pays the best). It's a pretty sweet gig but it can be really, really stressful... especially if we get a really drunk crowd who just show up to get thrown out. I've met a lot of fairly famous people: Mark Curry, Brett Butler, Pauly Shore (douchebag), Dustin Diamond (HUGE douchebag), Aries Spears, Kevin Pollack, and, here soon, Mike Epps. And while the pay is alright, it's only open on the weekends so I have to supplement my income through other means while I look for grad schools to attend next year. Which brings me to #7.

7) I'm an avid poker player, and I'm a huge nerd about it too. I'm the guy that knows the numbers behind the draws thanks to 6 years of super-geek book learnin' and countless hours at the table. Last fall, our local dogtrack started a poker room. For the last 2 months I've been down there about three days a week playing low-limit poker. I haven't made much (couple hundred a month), but I it's a great feeling to just be playing a game you love as a second job.

8) I'm a big Tenacious D fan (come out with another album already!!!). JB calls KG "brosef" a few times in their self-titled album and I figured it would make a good handle. It's also my XBL gamertag.

9) If you haven't noticed... I love using ellipses (and parentheses too)

10) I live in West Virginia. The cities are a lot less hilljack than many of you probably expect, especially Charleston, but I'm really looking forward to moving to a big city and away from the redneck accent that many of us have spent our entire lives striving not to pick up. *cringe* Seeing as how I don't hunt, fish, own a gun, or drink Bud Lite (I'll have a Guinness thank you very much) I don't really fit into the surrounding culture. But that describes about 80% of WV, the other 20% play vidja games ^_^

Until next time remember...

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