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broonor's blog

12:05 PM on 04.29.2008

PixelJunk Monsters: Encore info Surfaces!

from the, wonderful news arrives! PJ:M gets some DLC love! I am sort of excited about this, at least until I find out some more info on pricing. But here's what we do know: * 1 new island, Toki Island...   read

10:46 PM on 04.28.2008

How to get in MGO Beta if you don't have a code yet:

EDIT: Requires GAP membership; sorry if you aren't in the GAP; I joined years ago so I don't know how they changed requirements of entry. Outside of preordering or harassing up some codes, just head on over to the GAP site...   read

12:03 AM on 04.24.2008

My PS3... Shipped? Anyone Else Surprised?

Yesterday (since in God's time zone, where I live, it's now Thursday) Sony shipped my repaired PS3 back to me. At least, I think it's repaired. E-mail wasn't clear on type of replacement. I won't complain, as long as it wo...   read

1:53 PM on 04.22.2008

Sony did Something Right Under Warranty?

I got my SIXAXIS controller back from Sony. For those who aren't in the know, the left stick was jamming some and wouldn't go back to a neutral position, so it would constantly glide up. I tried cleaning, air blasting, etc ...   read

7:33 PM on 04.19.2008

The Gamers' Toilet Seat?

Stumbled across this while I was checking the deal of the day on Amazon's Gold Box. Oddly enough gamers really enjoy browsing different toilet seats (especially ones that shoot water at your posterior after doing your business).   read

11:24 AM on 04.19.2008

So I finally tried the Pandora PSP Trick...

First I have a change in the whole "time to completion" Sony thing. The online service now acknowledges my shipment arriving, saying it's been assigned to some one. They say it will take 7-15 business days not including shi...   read

12:45 PM on 04.18.2008

Day 2: Still no Update from Sony

Their original email and form said to give it 2 days before the website can show that my system has been given to a tech to be worked on, but so far, not so good. Then again, I sent in my SIXAXIS controller roughly 3 weeks a...   read

12:10 AM on 04.18.2008

Day 1: PS3 arrives at Sony

As stated above, my UPS tracking number claims Sony has received my PS3 yesterday (4/17). So what am I doing to pass my time? I know you all care a ton, so I'll keep it simple. 1: Sam & Max 104 (from start to finish). 2...   read

2:20 PM on 04.14.2008

Received my PS3's Coffin Today

They shipped out out Next Day Air on Friday (meaning Monday since UPS likes to charge extra for true NEXT DAY shipping :)) I must say that, even though I have no pictures here, Sony really did good work for this whole "CON...   read

5:12 PM on 04.09.2008

TF2 PC Anyone? (Age III?)

Now that my PS3 is borked, I need something to do to pass the time. As it turns out, the dtoid community is where I will turn to get myself entertained since the PSP i reserve only for times when I am out of the house or try...   read

1:41 PM on 04.09.2008

My PS3 is Borked? (UPDATE)

Funny we had a front-page post on something like this just a bit ago... In mid-session rocking out with MaxVest today, my game wouldn't load the song he selected. We had been playing roughly 45 minutes when this error occur...   read

11:59 AM on 03.31.2008

NEW PSN Store look, but bad news hides in announcement

Already announced elsewhere, but I want to bring attention to something. Yes, new pretties, but there is bad news afoot! "However, no additional downloadable content will be posted prior to then, including this Thursday, ...   read

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