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2:56 PM on 06.14.2007

Kohler Talks Wii and Gamer Types, CliffyB’s Bro QQs

Chris Kohler has an excellent article explaining his understanding of types of gamers and what this means for the 'console war'. Kohler then details the characteristics of each type of gamer: the Hardcore Gamer, the Casual Gamer, the Expanded Audience, and Kids.

Meanwhile, there was a hilarious rant/whinge by Tyler Bleszinski, who is only important in this context because he's Cliffy "Gears of War" Bleszinski's brother, last week on Newsweek’s Level Up blog. In this article, CliffyB's brother whines about how the Wii will present a "direct threat" to his hobby if grandmothers and other people who are traditionally non-gamers keep buying Wiis.

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