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My Jump back to Serious Gaming

After some reflective thinking, I've realized that for the past couple of months, I wasn't doing jack shit in terms of serious gaming. I dropping in and out of Trem, without really being serious, and with all the servers ha...


Not my Turning Point Gaming Rig

EDIT: Yes, it is running mac os x tiger, not leopard I finally have the time to make one of these. The reason I'm even bothering with this is because I desperately NEED this 5000 dollar computer, (well, i don't NEED it, bu...


The Ultimate Wii-dom achievement: Done!

Ah... finally. After almost a year with my wii, i have finally achieved "the ultimate wii-dom achievement" (term that i invented on the spot). Yes, my friends, i have reached pro status in Wii tennis... I'd like to know, how many of you actually side-tracked back to wii sports to do this? is it really "the ultimate" (lol) PS: I also reached pro in wii golf, but that was a long time ago.


Army of Two: Smart AI my ass!

For the past week or so, me and my friends have been having a constant debate on whether army of two is good or not, with me tihnking the game is not worth it. All our information came from the video game reviews, as we don...


ok, seriously... wtf is tomopop?!?!?!?

I'm sure many of you have already clicked on the advertisement and added yourself to the mailing list. I did it just for the heck of it, to be part of something, to actually know what it was about... but now... i really want to know! does anyone have ANY information on this?


About brightnocturnone of us since 3:23 PM on 12.02.2007

The first time I actually started playing games a lot was in third grade, when I got a Game Boy Color (I'm 14 right now) My first game was Pokemon Silver Version, and I became obsessed. I had around three hundred hours of play going on and had finished everything, the only things i did was train and collect, do the minigames, but it was still fun. Then a couple of months ago, the game crashed T-T
Right now I own a wii, a nintendo 64, and a fried Xbox (i bought it in the states, right now in israel cuz of my dad's job, and i accidentally... well you can figure it out by yourself)

I am part of the nonexistent mac gaming community if you get what i mean.


I like to play MSC online

When the fuck will i be able to get brawl??? When it doesnt cost a fucking 400 israeli sheckels (100 dollars for you guys in america)

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