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The first time I actually started playing games a lot was in third grade, when I got a Game Boy Color (I'm 14 right now) My first game was Pokemon Silver Version, and I became obsessed. I had around three hundred hours of play going on and had finished everything, the only things i did was train and collect, do the minigames, but it was still fun. Then a couple of months ago, the game crashed T-T
Right now I own a wii, a nintendo 64, and a fried Xbox (i bought it in the states, right now in israel cuz of my dad's job, and i accidentally... well you can figure it out by yourself)

I am part of the nonexistent mac gaming community if you get what i mean.


I like to play MSC online

When the fuck will i be able to get brawl??? When it doesnt cost a fucking 400 israeli sheckels (100 dollars for you guys in america)
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Hi D-toiders. First off I'd like to say I don't plan on making this "Theory Thursday" thing a
weekly blog, or even continuing it.

Today, I'm going to be blogging on a theory I made up concerning skate. Please don't
flame me like you did on my blog about the Mario/Metroid picture.

As we all know, EA Skate's innovative gameplay with the Flickit controls gave some tough
competition to the guys working on the Tony Hawk games. Now, when we think about it, it's
weird how this skating title didn't hit the Wii. I mean c'mon, the wiimote sensors just
scream flickit controls.

So, I have spent the last couple of weeks meditating on this mystery. I have finally come to
the following educated conclusion:

1. Before Skate came out, SSX' newest installment, Blur (who was also developed by EA)
came out on the Wii. Complete with innovative controls that involved flicking your wrist and
drawing shapes with the motion sensors, these controls are very similar to what you do in
Skate with your Joystick.

2. SSX Blur could have been a test to see if these controls would work on the Wii. After the
negative reviews on the controls, EA thought the controls would not work that well on the
Wii, and decided not to develop it on the console.

Final Conclusion

SSX Blur was a test, to see if the controls would work on the Wii. After the reviews criticizing the game for it's "unresponsive controls" (That was total bullshit, I got the Treble
Clef Uber on my first try) EA decided not to release the game for the Wii.

After some reflective thinking, I've realized that for the past couple of months, I wasn't doing
jack shit in terms of serious gaming. I dropping in and out of Trem, without really being
serious, and with all the servers having a ping 400. Over the weekend I needed to get some
art supplies for a sustainable development project, and the office depot had an "Ergonomic
Gel Mousepad" at a very reasonable price. I didn't have a mousepad, and my mouse
sometimes fucked up on wooden surfaces, so I decided to buy it.

After a couple minutes with the mousepad, I thought it would be nice to try it on Trem. I was
getting PWNED so badly that I had to keep playing. I kept playing through the rest of the
week, to an extent that my GPA dropped a few percent (yeah, I know I shouldn't get too
addicted, but I know most of you will agree it's hard to turn the game off once you've fragged
12 guys without dying). Soon enough I was back at my top level, and I've even managed to
find a clan.

My renewed excitement for gaming took me back to the Pure Pwnage website, and I started
watching my favorite eps again.

Anyway I'm glad that I'm back to my top level, and I know that a lot of you are like me and
have had your in and outs of gaming.

EDIT: Yes, it is running mac os x tiger, not leopard

I finally have the time to make one of these.

The reason I'm even bothering with this is because I desperately NEED this 5000 dollar
computer, (well, i don't NEED it, but I want it really badly considering the computer you're
about to witness)

My "gaming" laptop... notice that it is a MAC, and an Ibook G4 model. Oh and my charger
doesn't charge it beyond 60% anymore

The back of my laptop, and you can see how the screen doesnt even close right, I have
two of the rubber things to hold it in place gone, and all the scratches on it.

Believe it or not I actually DO, and CAN play games on this computer.
So, as if the physical appearance of the laptop itself wasn't enough, here are my specs:

-An incredible 37.4 GB of memory

-A lightning speed 1.33 Ghz PowerPC processor

-512 RAM (that's alright I guess)

(Oh, and I DO have a mouse, by the way, I just forgot to show it)

I love my laptop dearly, but I'm sure I could love that turning point PC a lot more :]

Considering I've had this laptop for around three-four years, plus the fact I never really
owned a computer before this one, that PC up for grabs is really tempting, and that's
mostly why i decided to join this contest

PS: Just to clear things up, I really do love my laptop, but I wish I had a better one at the
same time

Ah... finally. After almost a year with my wii, i have finally achieved "the ultimate wii-dom
achievement" (term that i invented on the spot). Yes, my friends, i have reached pro status in
Wii tennis...

I'd like to know, how many of you actually side-tracked back to wii sports to do this? is it
really "the ultimate" (lol)

PS: I also reached pro in wii golf, but that was a long time ago.

Hey, i need an answer for another one of my debates with my friends. Is Guitar Hero
Aerosmith an add-on (just like Rock the 80's) or is it actually Guitar Hero IV?

For the past week or so, me and my friends have been having a constant debate on whether
army of two is good or not, with me tihnking the game is not worth it. All our information
came from the video game reviews, as we dont have the game. Until today, when me and
another friend who dislikes army of two got to play it for the first time in a local video game
store. While i spotted some bad points, i'm going to focus on the main thing that put me off.
My friends brought up the point that the AI was good. I actually got STUCK in the tutorial
because of how dumb the AI is. it's very hard to explain how, but i hope this can tell those of
you who don't have the game yet, NOT WORTH IT... THE AI IS RETARDED