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bahss avatar 1:02 AM on 05.12.2009  (server time)
10 cosas que son bastante aseada sobre BAHS (10 things)

10. I'm a lover of Trading Card Games!!

I pretty much love Trading Card Games. Almost as much as I do video games, and there is much joy explosions when they come together. (Think Pokemon TCG for Gameboy ColoH MY GOD!) It started with my older brother and the first generation of Magic The Gathering. I just loved how everything worked and felt, and at the time, I didn't know what I was becoming. Little did my brother know that he had given birth to a monster. MTG wasn't for me though, and it wasn't until I came across the Pokemon TCG that I became to realize I had a problem. I've still got my holographic mew card from the premier of the first Pokemon Movie, along with the Dragonite too. But with that card game, I was all about collecting. But when Yu-gi-oh Got released, I was all about trading and demolishing my opponents life points. Hell, I even competed regularly in a local tournament and won! But, all things must come to an end, and it was about the time that the Structure Decks started to come out that I gave up on it. (That and my cards got stolen...) Now, I'm desperately searching for a card game that will satisfy me. I've looked into I don't know how many, and I've now stumbled across Lackey to help curb my need. I've started to get interested in the EVE CCG which I'm sure now has been discontinued, but if you're interested in trying it out, email me!

9. I'm a HUGE Mobile gaming fan!

Not so much cell phones, but they work. I've always loved having a portable gaming device. I had the giant cinderblock of a gameboy, I had then upgraded to a Gameboy pocket (So slender, so beautiful.) I never really had an interested in the Gamegear and never heard of the NEOGEO pocket until I was older, so I didn't really bother with those. I then traded up to a Gameboy color. I fell out of it for a few years until my senior year of Highschool. I purchased my first system with my own money, a DS lite. I used the money I had to buy it and Kirby's Canvas Curse, and since then, I've never looked back. I've recently purchased an ipod Touch, and find the gaming library severely lacking.

8. I have been bitten by a squirrel...

Yeah, long story short, the ungrateful bastard didn't know I was trying to help it. So it bit me. And I killed the mother f*cker.

7. I don't have many gamer friends...

I'm kind of an anomaly in my department at school. I'm a big theater person, so all the people I hang out with... Love... theater... To the point where they randomly break out in the theme song to Rent of Wicked (Truth be told though, I love Wicked. :3) They all accept my gaming hobby for what it is, but they don't really understand it. I can't walk up to them and discuss the intricacies of video games, and how they can make you feel things, just like a theater experiance can. Video games just aren't that way for them and I accept it. They all understand it's fun, but that's about where it stops.

But, I can thank Destructoid for hooking me up with some friends that love video games just as much as I do, Twister1988, and Jackal27. Go check they're stuff out!

6. I'm going through a retro-phase...

It funny that I owned a bunch of the older systems, but I can't recall more than five games that I used to play on there regularly . Games off the top of my head that I can recall playing when I was smaller. Go!
Super Mario Brother 3
Super Mario Allstars
Super Mario World
... Umm....
Urban Strike!
...umm... ... d...

I know I played a lot more, but I never really appreciated them. So I'm going back and playing through the games that I missed out on, or played but remember nothing about. Currently I'm working on Chrono Trigger, mostly because it was released on the DS, and partly because It's supposed to get awesome. (Which, I'm still waiting for...) Also, many thanks to the Retroforce crew for aiding me in my quest. I love you all. Podtoid... Meh.

5. I find current gen games lacking in... Everything...

With the advancement of technology, I figured that we would see new games with better game play elements and better stories. Games made with a mutli-million dollar budget better be worth it, but I find in most current gen games, it's like they stuck their hand in a very small hat with three folded pieces of paper. Most games all have the same characters and the same plots. There's little difference in games like Halo and Mass Effect, where there should be a huge crevice. Gamers shouldn't have to choose between the two games for their best game, because it SHOULD be like comparing Oranges to Lettuce. They should be able to choose they're favorite genre of game, and stick to it, not this "OMG KZ2 iZ A HALOZ KYLLER! SO BALLA1" or from the opposite camp "HALOIS DABESSTS GAMES EVER!!1!OMGHEADSHOT!" That's why there is so much flaming because the gaming companies are all competing for the same market of people, not trying to become a better game developer, It's all about their Babylonian exploits and how many times can they change something little to the "space marine" formula to success.

4. I like Final Fantasy VIII over Final Fantasy VII...

Call me a hopeless romantic, but I thought most things about Final Fantasy VIII was better. Yes, Squall was an unlikable shit, yes the materia system in VII was awesome. But, when it's all said and done, I believe Final Fantasy VIII was better and a much better conclusion. I understand all the hype that surrounds FFVII, and I'm even a victim of it, but I think that all around, VIII was a better game. Now, to be fair, I'm not saying it's the best one, because I haven't played them all.

3. I hope a game makes me cry...

I now try to be completely engrossed in games, and in a lot of cases, I'm let down. I find that the older games had much better tear jerking moments than games now do. There's of course a few exceptions, like, COD:4, Fallout 3, Ikagura, and Windwaker, just to name a few. If you really want to know which games, most are over there in my profile.

2. My favorite period of gaming: The N64 Era...

No matter how many times I stare in awe at games now and games past, the N64 will forever be the system that brought about my love for games. When I first got the winged cap in Super Mario 64 and went flying through the first level, screaming "To Infinity and Beyond!" while my babysitter laughed at my enjoyment. I'll always look back and that is the system and that time period that hooked me into what I now consider a passion of mine.

1. It's pronouced, "BOSS"

BAH is my initials, and I've always searched for a justifiable nickname to be known as on the interwebs. Firstly, I've gone by a lot of names. I think the first one I ever created was for Neopets (Anyone remember the Fuzio?) in like 6th grade which was something like SepirothXX26. I then moved on from that to just whatever objects were around me at the time. Oldtoaster87, BeatupFord, Awkwardbonerinclass, etc.etc. My senior year, I was given the name brecksher by some friends of mine in my English class and it tried to stick, but like spaghetti thrown against the wall, it didn't really stick. Thus, a new pot of spaghetti has been thrown, and that pot is named Bahs.

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