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6:26 PM on 06.22.2009

Oh E3, love, torment, fail.

So now that the E3 tsunami has overturned. lets take a look back at the hardware,

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Microsoft unveiled their motion camera, but was it big surprise? anyone who kept taps with the New York post or N4G wouldn't have been so shocked at the announcement.

But it was pretty cool to see the little boy onscreen, imagine the possibilities, a companion who won't judge, it can be used as a socializing tool for the elderly or those socially apprehended.

But would this new revolutionary technology lure more pedophiles by teasing there hunger for succulent, young boys/girls or would it harness their urge? (quick check the bushes behind you!)

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PlayStation brought out their motion controller, but personally i like the idea of no controller, (pretending is me playing journalist right now....anyhow) it's sad to say that the eye toy could have been something fun if it wasn't for the lack of software. The controller does seem precise and accurate despite their bulky bulb heads, but it is a prototype.

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Since were on the topic of precise, Nintendo introduced their motion plus attachment, i only wish that Nintendo spent a little more time developing the controller before releasing it,cause before when the controller was originally supposed to do; example play a game of golf or perhaps a shooter, it failed and caused few television broken screens and a few cases of anger management (quickly averts in other direction*).

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The vitality sensor was a bit dull, was this idea suppose to blow our mind and throw our underwear at Mr.Satoru Iwata, screaming like school girls before the paternal test result were revealed. ( i know, nice simile...)

Hey, at least the biggest surprise was the PSP Go.

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And you never know when project natal can transform itself into a worldwide spying device used to record human behavior, gather information and form the ULTIMATE SKY NET...or what i call Google 2.0.

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