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I'm 23 and college bound. I commute to Chicago everyday to work on incredibly expensive mixing boards to produce music and sound, my dream job. I'm really looking for a place in downtown Chicago to avoid the whole train thing. When I'm not doing school work I'm Investing time into some great games for my Xbox 360 and PS3 or playing my drums and guitar to practice for my band's next big show. I taught myself how to play the drums and have been going strong for about 4 years now and play in a few bands. I've been playing guitar for about 7 years.

The Wii has about 3 games total that I would consider playing, but ultimately I have lost faith in Nintendo. They can only put a new coat of paint on games they created over ten years ago. Their new momentum driving the Wii is also bullshit. The whole apealing to gamers young and old is a good concept, but using that strategy as a crutch is pathetic. With the exception of Smash Bros and Zelda, Nintendo is dead to me.

Lately I've been playing Soul Caliber 4, Siren: Blood Curse, GTA4, Burnout paradise, Metal Gear Solid 4, Rock Band, and COD4 (lots of fours) on my PS3 and I've also been rocking out Gears of War, Ninja Gaiden II, and Bioshock for 360. I also started playing Alone in the Dark which despite so many negative reviews, is really quite good. The visuals are extraordinary and there is a ton of very inventive gameplay that keeps things fresh. The controls are horid, no excuse there, but I think this title deserves a lot more praise then it's recieving. I'm definately more of a PS3 Fanboy, but I think I'll hold on to my 360 untill I've finished Gears of War 2, Left 4 Dead, and Fable 2, and yes Castle Crashers (finally!). I am so psyched for those games! I was never really in to FPS with the exception of Perfect Dark for N64, but COD4 is absolutely amazing. I'm a HUGE fan of great story telling through games ala FFVII and I can't express my love of Bioshock enough. The way you're launched directly into the action and never let go is done astonishingly well. I also love the retro/futuristic hybrid. Now if only Fallout 3 would just get into my hands...

I think it's a great time to be a gamer. Starting on my Nintendo I received on my 5th birthday playing Ghostbusters and Mario. The amount of variety and gaming that sometimes crosses the line between cinema and interactive gaming is breath taking. Never before have we the gamers been able to connect and interact so effortlessly. Speaking of which, I'm always up for meeting and gaming with new friends so feel free to add me to your XBL or PSN for some sweet online action. Great age to be a gamer indeed.


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