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brainderailment says:

So, you like playing PS3, but prefer the 360 controller.

// Submitted @ 3:33 PM on 04.04.2009


I found out about this adapter on the PS forums today and I thought I'd share it with you.

I personally prefer the DS3 because of the stick fluidity and the fact that it doesn't make my hands sweat. But I totally understand the fact that people prefer the 360 con. (If only they made one of these for the DS3+360) There are a couple of little flaws though, it only works wired up and you will lose the pressure sensitivity of the buttons. (If you play Gran Turismo with the X button as a throttle, you might want to reconsider) But if you absolutely hate the DS3 and don't mind compromising wireless freedom, than $50 should keep you satisfied.

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