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brainderailment avatar 10:57 PM on 07.29.2009  (server time)
My New Custom PC! [Pictures FTW]

I built a pc after having bought, loathed, and resold a laptop from Best Buy. I thought I got a sweet deal on a mid range laptop. I was fucking wrong, mostly because the internal wifi was incompatible with Vista and after installing XP the wifi signal was showing as extremely weak. (Thanks, whoever made the homebrew XP wifi driver) ANYWAY. Sold it, used the money to build a "portable" PC. This was a budget build which cost roughly $350 after shipping. This computer didn't need to be a total beast simply because I only really need it for World of Warcraft. My older brother is in the Air force, lives 8 hours away, doesn't play much else and my wife has recently discovered WoW as her new addiction. So I decided to commune with both my wife and my older brother (which I only see about 1x annually) while I'm at work!

I started off with a cheap case. (Why pay a lot of money for a box?) An Apevia X-Qpack "Blue"

As it turns out, the face is not actually blue but purplish. Like a metallic gamecube.

It features a nice slide out mobo tray. Although you have to disconnect every power and io cable from it to slide it out, it's still easier than trying to work inside a little cube pc case.

The motherboard is an ASRock N68-S Which will allow me to install a triple or quad core phenom later if I decide to consume more power than an electric car.

The CPU is a peppy, yet inexpensive, AMD Athlon 64x2 2.7GHz 45nm 65w
Ram: A humble 2GB of DDR2 800MHz

I originally dropped a $45 8600 GT because it works for WoW and is small. But, I can't just go small. So I transferred my PSU so I could cram this monster inside.

That's a BFG 9800GTX+OC. I had to maim the second 5.25" drive bay in order to run the 2 PCIX power cables to the power hungry device.

Almost done.

Today I took the front bezel off, sanded the purple paint down, and layed down some silver action. I also masked off and painted a little black Horde symbol for good luck. Now I drag this thing to work and back 2 days a week for non-stop questing.

Whattaya think?

Awesome sauce
Shit Sammich


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