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Corak blogged about these things, but he got them off of amazon and paid $9.99 usd. I was at GameCrazy today getting my copy of FFVII buffed out and I noticed those clips behind the counter and without hesitation or knowledge of the price, I asked for a pair.

Costing a measly 5.99 usd, these are both a bargain and a wonderful asset for any PS3 user.

Initially I thought that I would have to super-glue these to the controller. I play hard and rough, my L2R2 take the brunt of my GTAIV and GranTurismo beatings. I was quickly, and pleasantly, surprised at how well these little bitches cling to the triggers. You don't have to permanently scar my controllers just to use these.

They only cost 6 bucks, so it's worth a try even if you don't really think you need them.

At the point where your fingers normally would rest on these triggers, they are flush with the L1R1 buttons. Meaning they feel slightly high when first used. They are also a little wide feeling. When you look at the original buttons, they are rounded for your index or middle fingers to contour around. Essentially what I'm saying is that they feel a tiny bit awkward when you first use them, but after about 20 minutes of play they begin to feel quite natural.

They are ugly... as shit, but at least they have the same color and texture as the factory buttons, so they don't look out of place too much.

So, in summary, buy these. If you don't really mind the ones you have, you might be surprised how much you like these. Sometimes your fingers can get somewhat sweaty and this solves that sliding of the fingers. I've gotten used to the original buttons, but these make those long play sessions with GTA and GT5P much more bearable.
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