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Thank you

Hello everyone I'm Efra aka Bulletproof Machete, BP for short. I am new to Destructoid and I'm also new to Miami. I'm writing this to thank all you guys from Destructoid that welcomed me at the party at Ecco on Saturday Nigh...


About bpmacheteone of us since 8:08 PM on 01.30.2009

Hey sup, I'm a oldschool gamer, now bulletproof machete alias online. I'm really an online gamer first, usually first person shooters, and second I like almost all games; love art so I'm kinda easy going with respect to that, not so hard to please. I hope to play with ya some day. I'm a team player so I'd rather say "We really put one on them", than say "ha I got ya bitch"... hope your on my team or me afi murder ya.

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