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bottled dark's blog

12:10 AM on 11.17.2007

Guitar Hero Boss Pack Up'ed My Game

Oh yeah, it's like that. The new boss pack came out to add to the wonderful freebies given away the other day. It's all the songs that you battle bosses on, both the boss's and your parts combined. I was happy to see that ...   read

8:38 PM on 11.09.2007

This Will Turn Your Brain To Shit

The musical duet known as Blubber Fatality will now perform a classic mindfuck song by They Might Be Giants. Forever will linger in your mind the fact that you're older than you've ever been and now you're even older, and n...   read

1:38 PM on 11.08.2007

A Few Things

I did a few gaming related c-blog worthy events recently and figured I could put them all into one post an possible come up with some worthwhile content. I honestly doubt it. First off, I now officially represent the dtoid ...   read

7:12 PM on 10.27.2007

OAKMI FOR THE WII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also an old lady yelling at okami   read

2:42 AM on 10.27.2007

Robot Has A Message- Also A Review Of Zelda

I don't want to be the guy that pissed this dude off. Also a review: The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass: I enjoyed the game thoroughly from beginning to end, and it feels like the one game in my collection that actuall...   read

2:21 AM on 10.26.2007

Entertainment for Insomniac Robots

Mr. Treehorn treats objects like women, man! im in love with the song right now, i finally stopped listening to 'Still Alive'!   read

3:12 AM on 10.25.2007

Game Time Unfortunately Forgot- Ozzy's Black Skies

So there I am. Bored, sitting on my ass, doing nothing of any importance when suddenly a phrase flew into my mind: Ozzy's Black Skies. That's right! I remember the posters and all the adds that were passed out at Ozzfest 200...   read

9:57 PM on 10.19.2007

I Just Beat Jordan

I now consider myself prepared for Guitar Hero 3. Also, I need to five star this. Also, I got The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass yay! Also, cocks.   read

7:23 PM on 10.17.2007

New Guitar Hero 2 DLC Songs Suck

Need proof? Sin Documentos - Los Rodriguez Sept - Plemo Exile - Soilwork how could they have done it better? the song from spain could have been flamenco, because that shit is badass. Paco de Lucia - Almoraima Falseta.-B...   read

6:43 PM on 10.15.2007

The Reason You Need A Job


3:24 AM on 10.15.2007

In Case You Never Saw It- Awesometown!

fuck yeah. this show is many kinds of funny. Thanks for coming back! *clap* *clap* Exploding High Five!   read

7:58 PM on 10.14.2007

Totally Metal Program - Feedback Lets You Make Guitar Hero Songs

Song Is Aesthetic By: Between The Buried and Me, Chart Made By: bmealhouse Feedback is a goodie the folks (by which i mean one member of the forums by the name of Turkeyman) at ScoreHerohave a piece of software that is desig...   read

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