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bobyoko avatar 11:17 AM on 04.30.2013  (server time)
why are you making it harder to communicate on dtoid?

so i just showed up to dtoid to find that it's now impossible for4 me to make comments on any posts. this sucks for you dtoid, because i hide from all your skeevy programs that destroy my annonimity on the net. so the ONE method i had for ensuring you get some money out of my visits has been removed from me/us. not only this, but i had to register my email with your insipid "disqus" software. that shit's fucking stupid as hell. why should i give out my email both to dtoid AND their marketing program designed to remove my anonymity? AND, the shit didn't even work after it took my precious email from me. you're seriously hamstringing yourselves here, guys. you shouldn't be making your site MORE restrictive, you should make it less restrictive. anyway, ya'll just lost your one way of making money off of me, and ensured to never receive my opinion on any subject. i realize you don't care about that second part, but i assure you, i'm not the only one cutting ties with bullshit like this.

why the fuck do i bother with you guys? i know i'm just going to be ignored, afterall. maybe kotaku has changed enough to be a fun place to get my news.... (you guys realize there are only about a million places to get the SAME FUCKING NEWS YOU GUYS REPORT, right? so i say goodbye to the restrictive policies and uber cool maladjusts that make up this "community." feel free to erase my account. i'm done.

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