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A moderator who was worked with the EU in Brussels and the EVE Player Council has said that the representatives of the former could learn something from the latter.

Eurogamer Post
NY Times Post

The moderator complimented the EVE Player Council on their professionalism, their expertise, and their enthusiasm. And I agree, they are to be commended.

But then he also said something that seems breathtakingly stupid :

They are not just fighting for their particular interests but seem to be very socially responsible in wanting to represent all the players of Eve. Perhaps some real-world politicians could learn from them.

Politicians represent the interests of their inhabitants because they have both the moral authority and moral responsibility (not to mention legal authority and responsibility) to do so.

If I say that I'm going to give the poor people of Africa 100 million dollars, I am being selfless and generous in helping people in need.

If I say that my country is going to give the poor people of Africa 100 million dollars, I am not being selfless or generous, because I am not personally giving anything. I am spending the money of the people I represent.

I'm not saying that governments should never be generous. But it should not be regarded as virtuous to disregard your own constituents for "the greater good".

I realize this is slightly NVGR, but I just know it's going to bug me when people talk up this moderator, when really he sounds like an idiot. So here's your gaming related news : I started a Warhammer Blog out on teh interwebs since I figured it would really bore everyone here.

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