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Join the (unofficial) DTOID Driveclub!

Driveclub had a rocky start, that's for sure, but now it's a great racing game that I personally love. I had yet to use the club feature until recently when I thought it might be nice to connect with fellow members and v...


Ben Grady's 'Games of 2014'

Welcome one and all to 'Ben Grady's Games of 2014', sponsored by YOU, the loyal fans. It's been a fun-filled, exciting year in gaming, so let's get down to it!   Alien: Isolation I've only got as far as the medical...


I made game walkthroughs for about a week.

Recently I needed to transfer some old Sony Hi8 video tapes onto a contemporary format, all videos of my childhood. This proved to be the perfect excuse to spend money on an Elgato Game capture HD, and thus I would final...


2005 - 2014 | A review of a generation

PLEASE NOTE: The first half of this blog (up until the end of 2008) was written over a year ago for my old blog, gradebmedia.blogspot.com and since then my writing style has improved greatly, so try to excuse t...


Share your Vib-Ribbon Playlist!

Vib-Ribbon was released on PSN in Europe last week, and as soon as it became available I bought and downloaded it. Before even that 25mb download had finished I had created and burnt my own playlist to disc. Below is my...


Last-gen Port report | The Evil Within (PS3)

Back again, for the very second time. Here's my last-gen port report for all of you poor bastards still stuck on the machines of yesteryear. This time it's 'The Evil Within', another horror game for October, but is the ...


Last-gen Port Report | Alien: Isolation

UPDATE: Here's a video of a game-stalling bug which causes Ripley to fall through the floor, I'm not aware of any other instances but something to consider; this was recorded on the 1.0 release (skip to 4:50):  I'...


Silent Hill 2 showed me how stupid I am.

In this age of modern military shooters, single-button combat mechanics and increasingly frequent checkpoints, it's easy to become accustomed to the simpler, dumbed-down gameplay that has become the norm rather than the ...


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