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bluexy's blog

11:06 PM on 10.21.2009

Review: Machinarium

When we hear the mention of "Adventure Games" most of us will daydream back to a better time. A time filled with islands full of monkeys, a time of tentacled days, a time where kings and police quested, sometimes in space. ...   read

6:05 PM on 09.28.2009

Review: Katamari Forever

We've all played a Katamari game by now, because if you haven't played Katamari you're not a real person. So deeply and disgustingly ashamed of not having played a Katamari game you'd be more akin to a heartless monster hi...   read

3:24 PM on 09.21.2009

The Forgotten: Knights of the Old Republic

An instant message pops up from a close friend, “hey rory. looking at vidcards and wanted to know your brand name preference. ati vs nvidia?” It's not the question that surprises me, but my reply. “[Persuade] Nvidia has a...   read

9:06 PM on 06.24.2009

EA merges Mythic & BioWare - WTF?

Mythic: Developers of Dark Age of Camelot, and currently running the reasonable big MMO Warhammer Online. BioWare: Developers of Baldur's Gate, MDK2, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect,...   read

12:06 AM on 03.17.2009

Happy Birthday Destructoid - PAINT

I just wanted to say happy birthday to Destructoid in my own special way. I was jealous of everyone's fancy alphabet pictures and wanted to add something own my own. What's this that I found? PAINT PAINT PAINT PAINT. I inv...   read

1:40 AM on 02.24.2009

Singularity Trailer [Gametrailers]

The Unreal Engine 3 can create some damn amazing effects, so when you hear that Raven Software, the creators of HeXen, Soldier of Fortune, and the 2009 release of Wolfenstein, is using the engine for their new game Singular...   read

1:33 PM on 02.21.2009

Star Ocean: The Last Hope Preview [Gametrailers]

By my 360 I have a copy of Infinite Undiscovery collecting dust, and while that really bugs me I just can't get myself to play it again. So when I watched this preview of the new Star Ocean game and loved every second, I h...   read

3:29 PM on 02.02.2009

10 things you didn't know about bluexy...

10. I am the founder and President (now retired) of the Oregon State University Dodgeball Club. What started out as a weekend outing with some friends quickly grew into a great program. Though I had to leave that all behind ...   read

2:40 PM on 01.19.2009

Darkfall Delayed - Delayfall, Darkflop

For all of the glorious MMO nerds out there, who are my kin, 2009 appears to be a desolate wasteland for great new games. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope one there's a diamond hidden somewhere among our sparse r...   read

3:35 PM on 01.06.2009

Playing With Others: Beat 'Em Ups

Leonardo, who was an average character, but felt stronger because he was the leader. Billy Lee, since blue has always been my favorite color, and Billy always seemed like the perfect name for an ass-kicker. Rash, who was pl...   read

12:55 PM on 12.23.2008

Tabula Rasa - Free to Play

Everyone's least favorite space MMO is now free to play, which is probably a price most of you vagrants can afford to pay. One can only assume that NCSoft's previous announcement created an expected mass exodus, and chargin...   read

1:59 PM on 11.21.2008

Tabula Rasa - Another MMO Dies

Sad day after sad day for Tabula Rasa fans these past months. If it's any solace, today was the last bad news they'll be receiving. Yes, Tabula Rasa is officially calling it quits. As evidenced from the recent layoffs, as wel...   read

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