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bluexy avatar 3:29 PM on 02.02.2009  (server time)
10 things you didn't know about bluexy...

10. I am the founder and President (now retired) of the Oregon State University Dodgeball Club. What started out as a weekend outing with some friends quickly grew into a great program. Though I had to leave that all behind the club now boasts a good sized budget from fundraisers and school funds and multiple large tourney trips throughout the year. The last year I played we went to the NDA national championships in Las Vegas and placed fourth. Our team name? The Dodgepocalypse.

9. I broke my arm twice playing Dodgeball, expediting my retirement. After finishing our budget for the year and entering the planning stage for our next championship trip, I picked up a soft foam ball and threw it so hard my arm broke. Or that's what the doctors told me anyways. Six months later, after going through physical therapy and countless medical appointments I get the green light and head back to dodgeball practice. My arm breaks again on the second throw. Opting out of surgery I decided instead to retire and never throw a dodgeball again.

8.I took six years to get my bachelor's degree in computer science. My sophomore year of college is a blur in my head. I was an electrical engineering major at the start of the year, and after a number of failed real-life quicktime events regarding family, relationships, and school I woke up in my third year as a CS major. After that it all went pretty smoothly.

7.I am a video game perfectionist. This is reflected in most aspects of my life, but my perfectionism is often mistaken for procrastination. I have a hard time doing things if I can't finish them completely, with a high standard of quality. In games, this translates to reaching level 94 and quitting an RPG since I just can't complete the game without getting to level 99, but grinding one more level will drive me insane.

6.I used to play bass clarinet and sing in a choir. You know, I suppose I was pretty musically inclined until I decided I was too cool or something and took a study hall and a programming class instead.

5.I used to have a lip piercing. I want to say, "When I was a kid," or, "When I was much younger," but it was only four years ago... anyways, I got my lip pierced. It was during all that sophomore year fun times and a bunch of girls told me lip piercings were sexy. I took it out two years ago, still have the scar, but I don't think my Grandma will ever look at me in the same way again.

4.My favorite game ever is Chrono Cross. I vaguely remember most of the plot, and the character names all escape me except for a small few, but I love this game beyond all reasoning. A boy living in a small fishing village, who could care less about the world around him, who has a growing relationship will another girl in the town, who is happy... and everything changes. The entire time I played this game, I felt like if Serge has the choice he would never have started this whole damn quest. He was robbed of a simple life filled with smiles. I've never felt so much sympathy as I did with Serge in Chrono Cross.

3.I miss Nex on Destructoid. It may just be that he's from Oregon, I'm from Oregon, or it may be my infatuation with his little star icon that he had. It may just be a simple man-crush. All I know is that I miss Nex on Destructoid.

2.I want to be a bigger part of Destructoid. It's true, I do. Whether I can find a niche that hasn't been filled or not, I still want to do something more for this site than I have in the past.

1.I love you all. It's true, I do. Though I've been around on Dtoid for a while now, I don't get to say this as much as I want to... I love Destructoid and I love you all. :D

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