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blueshellshock avatar 4:40 PM on 04.15.2014  (server time)
the weight of the backlog

Oh, I do feel the weight of the backlog, games I acquired from the sales at Best Buy and, Steam & PSN sales, along with the games featured on the PS Plus. The ratio between getting the games and playing (and finishing them) is not a healthy ratio.

The sales for games messes with my logic:

Logical Self: I should not buy this game yet because I have other games to get to.
Steam: Hey, check this out. Only for three days.
Logical Self: Eh, I think I'll pass...
Logical Self: Aw damn it. Looks good, got overall good reviews, and the price is right. Okay, it'll still be there.
PSN: Yo, flash sale. And it's that game you sorta, kinda wanted.
Logical Self: ...

I did complete the first play through of the game Journey just the past weekend, and in case you are interested, I recommend you play and finish this game in one session because I played it in 40 minutes parts, and when I got to the end, I did feel the magic, but not in all of its fullness. That is what I hope to do for my second play through, if I could somehow get to the other games first.

I even have my in-game character procrastinate in the video game because I'm reluctant to do the missions because it takes a chunk of time. So much easier for him to toss the sticky bombs on cars and exploding them (and try to have him walk from the blast) than to answer the phone call.

But when I finally get around to playing a game that hasn't been played, I think to myself, "man, why didn't I get to it sooner?" I guess the motivation and excuses are factors into putting that game off.

Do your past self a favor, and play that random game you haven't played that you bought two years ago.


So what games do you feel like that is on top of your backlog you haven't gotten to yet?

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