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bluemeep avatar 10:32 PM on 01.14.2010  (server time)
The stylus is dead.

Our washing machine konked out tonight. This is a problem as 1) there's no money for a new washer and 2) I can't drive to a laundromat as my car broke down earlier this week. This is, as they'd call it, a right dilly of a pickle.

Thank goodness for the internet and two decades worth of A-Team, MacGuyver and Mythbusters reruns.

Some Googlin's of the model number and the symptoms brought me to a number of DIY sites where folks had similar issues. I eventually narrowed it down to the lid switch. Think of it like the Door Nubbin in your fridge that tells the light when to come on. It works like that, except it tells the washer that the lid is down. Seems that the current Door Nubbin on the washer just didn't cut it anymore. With the scientific process of Jamming a Screwdriver In confirming the issue, I set about trying to jerry rig a solution.

That was when I saw my DS sitting nearby.

My solution required the noble sacrifice of a spare stylus. Snipped in half, glued into place and reinforced with a few strips of electrical tape... I felt like a monster the whole time, thinking about that scene from Braveheart where Mel gets eviscerated.

In the end, it worked. The washer is chugging merrily away.

The stylus is dead.

Long live the stylus!

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