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bluemeep avatar 10:16 AM on 07.19.2008
An epic tale overheard at Burger King
I stopped into Burger King for lunch a little bit ago (in no small part due to the Pokemon toys, I'll admit). Eating across the way from was a family where the following story was being told through highly animated arm waving and funny voices. I thought it was freakin' adorable.

Girl (in normal voice): "Hullo Pachirisu!"

Girl (in high pitch squeal): "Pachi-pachi-reeeeeesu. Pachi-pachi. PachiREEEEESSS...uuuu. Pachi."

Girl (in ominous voice): "Bwahaha, I will take your pachirisu!"

Girl (in normal voice): "Oh nooooo, it's the Team Rocket!"

Girl (in ominous voice): "Ahahaha!"

Girl (in high pitch squeal): "Paaaaachirisu!"

Girl (in normal voice): "Quick! Quick, Pachirisu! Use your power!"

Girl (in ominous voice): "Oh hoho, you cannot hurt the Team Rocket!"

(girl makes rumbly explosion noises)

Girl (in high pitch squeal): "Pachi-pachi-patchi!"

Girl (in normal voice): "You beat them, Pachirisu! You can have a fry!"

The end!

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