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bluemeep avatar 12:31 AM on 04.05.2009  (server time)
A DSi, I has one.

I'm unboxing! Whee!

Not so much a "midnight launch" on GameStop's part, per say. It was more of a "midnight two fratboys, a kid with his mom and me and my roommate standing around awkwardly and not making eye contact with anyone else." In and out with minimal fuss.

So far, I'm digging the thing. This is a straight upgrade for me from the DS Phat, so I never got to experience the majesty of the Lite's improvements. I've fiddled with them before, though. The D-Pad and buttons feel like they're right in the sweet spot between the clicky-keys of the Lite and the softer mush of the Phat. Screen's nice and vibrant and I can definitely see the improvement in the size. It's small, but very noticeable. Henry Hatsworth is goddamn vibrant.

The system came with a bonus of 1000 points for DS Ware, but the initial offerings really didn't sound that impressive. I think I'll hang on to them until the Katamari downloadable rolls it's way on over... However, registering did push my Club Nintendo account into the Platinum tier... Fingers crossed that this'll mean I'm due for an SNES controller.


Man, I'm out of blogging shape. I need to figure out why I can post on my new netbook, but why my PC has decided to arbitrarily block Dtoid...

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