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5 Embarrassing Secrets About Bluelander

Iím not much into talking about myself so Iím cutting this down to five items, and insisting they be embarrassing gaming-related secrets. Hopefully you all still have respect for me after this, that is, if you had any before....


Kid Icarus: Uprising

I've been lazy lately and haven't written much, so here are some impressions on KI:U. This is probably more dry and less original than most the stuff I try to do (emphasis on try), but I do need to keep the wheels turning. ...


My Massive Problem

Itís easy to see the growing trend of MMORPGs, something that the frothing hordes of WoW (and growing hordes of SWToR) fans can attest to. Unfortunately, these particular games, while they have held my interest for short bur...


A Better Ending

As video game playing individuals, we have a certain stake in this industry. Our money fuels it, and our continued fervor has bolstered it as an art form and an industry to ever-escalating heights. That said, as consumers who...


The Guardian Legend

I want to write about this game, but I donít want to review it. I guess, in a sense, you could say that really any writing about a game is a review, but I donít want to just spend time breaking down a game and telling every...


Spring Break - Pile of Shame Edition

My family never really took vacations, so spring break was always a time for me and my brother to hunker down with the SNES, board the doors, close the curtains, and game until our eyes bled. As we got older, like many of ...


Toys Are For Kids

We've all heard the petty squabbles of the "video games are/aren't art" debacle in recent years. While this has been an ongoing discussion among gamers for quite a long time, it has been on the rise since Ebert decided to c...


A Love Letter to Game Boy

Things were a little weird in my house. My brother was technically my half-brother and our father was technically only my father, but it never really made a difference. Really, I donít even consider him my half-brother, and...


Nostalgia for Sale

For anyone who is in their mid-twenties there seems to be a longing to return to the carefree days of oneís childhood. As far as I can tell this has been true for most generations, and will eventually morph into a hatred for...


Resident Evil 4 Revisit

Iíve decided to revisit Resident Evil 4 on my Gamecube in lieu of purchasing the recently released Resident Evil: Revelations. While this was largely based on the simple fact that I canít afford RE:R right now (college), it...


Journal of Dr.Light

So I've started a more 'official' blog on Tumblr with a URL redirect so it looks all fancy, but I've decided tor revive this blog and cross-post anything video game related. The 'official' blog is really just a repository for...


About bluelanderone of us since 9:49 PM on 10.16.2011

I play them there vidja games. I also sometimes write words about them.

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