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blu3steel's blog

8:44 AM on 01.30.2009

Music that has nothing to do with videogames

I just posted some songs on myspace that my band and I have been working on. It has nothing to do with videogames but I'm trying to spread the love you know? The songs are pretty rough, but I hope you enjoy them. I wanted to post them here because I love Dtoid, you guys rock. Oh and hello.   read

9:24 AM on 06.17.2008

MGS4 Writing skills

I just beat the game yesterday and I was very disappointed by the lack of actual gameplay. It took me 17 hours to beat it and in a fit of hyperbole, suggested to my friends that there was less than 5 hours of gameplay. It w...   read

4:16 PM on 03.16.2008

Destructoid, A Friend Indeed

Two years ago I was diagnosed with depression, which I know is a common disorder that many people face. I started taking medication for it right away and I could tell that the pills were helping. Then everything went to hel...   read

5:07 PM on 02.26.2008


Destructoid is so awesome that it makes me dance like this:   read

12:22 AM on 12.08.2007

New Header, but not in a sexual way

Look everyone, I put up a new header for my blog! Exclamation! Soon you will all know my wrath.   read

10:11 AM on 10.10.2007

I don't think you understand. My lips are on fire.

I decided to eat a grapefruit this morning before class. Now my lips are on fire and I wish I hadn't. I think this was a special hydrochloric acid grapefruit. Also, I beat Portal already. It brought feelings of joy to my heart.   read

7:50 AM on 09.29.2007

Pay Attention To Me

Guess what everyone? <-- is that supposed to be a question mark? I have finally put my greasy hands on an Xbox 360. I saw that EB here in Canada had a "trade in 10 games get a premium for $150." I knew I had to act. I ...   read

3:41 AM on 09.24.2007

Halo 3 Review

I haven't played Halo 3 yet and I don't have a 360 because I'm lazy and poor. I give Halo 3 a Computer.Chalkboard out of 6 Doorknobs.   read

1:36 PM on 09.21.2007


I wore pants today and I received no chaffage. I am as proud as I can be.   read

10:47 AM on 05.31.2007


Wow, this rocks...and that's all I have to say. It's a good thing I have a blog now. I can write about my feelings and stuff.   read

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