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blehman avatar 12:12 PM on 12.09.2009  (server time)
The Best Games You Haven't Played This Year

With the end of the year fast approaching, and with all the good games to come out this year out, I thought I'd tell you about some great games that you may have missed, be it due to ignorance about the title, not going to "those" types of stores, or even christianity. These titles missed out on getting attention while their big brothers got all the glory and I feel it's time the spotlight shines on them. So, without further ado, the best games you didn't play this year.

Rock Band: Dokken

With such hit as "The Hunter", who wouldn't want to be a member of 80's Rock Superstar vehicle Dokken? with their recent comeback attempt, Harmonix decided that Dokken would be the best fit for a follow-up to the dismal flop Guitar Hero 5. Unfortunely none of the actual band members could make it in to the studio to be motion captured, so members of the band Ratt stepped in to help them out. No one knows the difference.

Grand Theft Auto: The Ballsack of Gay Tony

As the owner of Liberty City's minor league soccer team, the Liberty City Sac Tappers, Tony "Menudo" Smith has his hands full. Full of balls. Mainly, the illegal shipment of 100,000 soccer balls full of heroin that got illegally shipped to him. Now, with more balls than he's used to handling by himself, he'll have to get his team to do more than just play soccer with his balls if he wants to get off without getting any on him.

Edward Borderhands

On the planet Panboredom, a new hero has arrived to free the population of it's bandit problem. You play as Steven Jackson, running back for the St. Louis Rams and snappy dresser, who somehow gets transported to a different world. Midgets, the shirtless guys from Twilight, and a really dumb endboss await you in this platforming role playing first person shooter.

Scene It: Twilight

Wait... This is a real fucking game? You have to be fucking with me. Right? Guys?

Cute-al Legend

With a sprinkle of Milo and Otis and a dash of Dudley Moore, legendary ex-Team Ninja leader Tomonobu Itagaki brings you his newest Ninja Gaiden like experience sans the ninjas and gaiden. Taking on the role of Kitty Riggs, you'll pounce, paw and purr your way to victory against the evil dog army of Lord Puppytickleus.

Plants vs Hedgeclippers

Not as exciting as zombies, but still pretty fun to play as the clippers.

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