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blehman avatar 12:11 PM on 03.12.2008  (server time)
Teh Epic Randomtoid Linktoid Links(Finally Updated for Great Injustice)

I'm trying to clean up my profile, so I decided to just link back here in case of emergency.

Randomtoid: Office Collar
Randomtoid: GLaDOS?
Randomtoid: NEDM
Random Blog: Tuesday Blues
Zombietoid: Survival Kit
Randomtoid: Steampunk Pacman
Randomtoid: Mr. Destructoid's Running Mate
Randomtoid: May his Noodly Appendage be Considered Real?
Randomtoid: Fun with Spam Mail
Randomtoid: Fun with Xmas Music
Randomtoid: Who Are You?
Randomtoid: 2k Comments Celebration
Randomtoid: Fun with Xmas Music Vol. 2
Randomtoid: Fun with Santa and Jesus
Randomtoid: Inserting Fun!
Randomtoid: Fun with Santa Jesus
Randomtoid: Would You Like to see Mah Beaver?
Randomtoid: Apparently Not the Cloverfield Monster
Randomtoid: The Most Important Study Ever Released
Randomtoid: With Just a Little Patience...
Randomtoid: Cook With Your Car!
Randomtoid: Stan Lee Inspired Art
Randomtoid: It's the Haloez
Randomtoid:It's teh Star Wars!
Link Dump 1: Includes awesome link and WTF links
Randomtoid: Kitteh Armor
Link Dump 2
Retractoid: Patrick Swayze isn't going to die...this week.
Randomtoid: Virgin? Interested in saving teh internets AND getting laid?
Randomtoid: Exhaust flamethrower
Randomtoid: Bowser is an Idiot
Randomtoid: Real guns have Recoil
Randomtoid: Lego Death Star
Randomtoid: Animal Crossing Rant
Randomtoid: Pokefield
Randomtoid: Chad's New Ride
Randomtoid: The End is Nigh
Randomtoid: Classic Star Wars Paintings
Randomtoid: Bored Again
Randomtoid: Musings
Randomtoid: Robot Killers
Failblogtoid: Jesus is mah Buddy...ZAP

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