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blehman avatar 3:46 PM on 01.20.2009  (server time)
Picked Back Up Again: Overlord

I play too many games at once. It's a well known fact to me, and it's a problem because I end up not finishing any of them. For instance, right now I'm playing Persona 3:FES because I want to finish it before jumping into Persona 4. During this time I've also been playing, on occasion, Blue Dragon, Soul Nomad, Mario Kart, Hotel Dusk, Left 4 Dead, and the game I'm about to talk aboot, Overlord.

Now, Overlord is a product of me playing too many games. I played it several, several months ago, picked something else up and never finished it. But a few weeks ago, I started to question why that was. Was it a lackluster game? Did I just start not liking it? These questions and the fact I needed to get away from taking tests in high school again drove me back there this weekend. Did I like it again? Or did I see what had me put it down to dive into another game?

To be honest, I think I set this down for Lost Odyssey so...

Anyway, in a word, did I like it again? Yes.

In two words: Fuck yes.

In three: Pretty much yes.

Overlord is wonderful. Not only do you get to be the "bad guy," you get an army of little Minions to control and send out to do your dirty work. It's fantastic! And the little Minions steal things and put them on! And get drunk! And bring you things! It's like the dog from Fable with less barking, more doing what you say. And you don't have to scold them or praise them, if you like them, just keep them alive. If you don't, just toss 'em in the river. But how could you toss something in the river that brings you gold and potions while exclaiming loudly, "FOR YOOOOUU!!"

On the other side though, you do have a little Minion Jester who sings your praises as you wander through your evil castle. That you can decorate. With things like new Red Carpet and Designer Evil Chair. Oh yeah, evil decorating ftw. That and you're not technically fully evil, because you do end up helping people. Unless you kill them. But if you kill them, you have no one to fear you know. But you do get a real nice mistress for your castle. Who, I don't know, cleans or something. But you can dump her for her slutty sister, which is cool.

It's still a great game though, with a great feel to it. The "no camera control" isn't really an issue, most of the time it can be solved by just re-centering it. The characicatures of popular creatures in the mythology world are freaking awesome. The blood thirsty unicorns, the fat little halflings, the whiny elves, they all seem more realistic compared to the noble creatures they're usually portrayed to be. I've never played Pikmin, but apparently that's what it is, an evil version of Pikmin. And since it's been out for quite a while, it's quite cheap. I urge you, pick this game up. Do it meow!

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