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Real name: Mike

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bleh, man
Lives in: Dallas, Tx
Occupation: Mayor of Metro City
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Consoles: 360, ds, snes, ps2
Hobbies: Games, reading, guitar, drinking

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Hi! My name is Jack Klassen.! I'm a completely ordinary teenage boy from San Diego, California. My interests include soccer, surfing, writing poetry, and luge. I am homeschooled by my father who fought in the Korean War and was exposed to nerve gas. He is kind of crazy but I still love him. We got the Internet two years ago and I started making new friends on Yahoo! messenger. Surprisingly, most of these new friends were older men who wanted to have illegal, underage sex with me. Needless to say, I got a boner like a rocketship and cybersex quickly became my favorite thing in the entire world. Wait, did I say boner like a rocketship? I meant my vagina got as wet as Lake Titicaca. I started saving all of the hot chat sessions I was having with the Pakistanis, lesbians, child molesters and other monsters who were instant messaging me all day and all night, and I decided to put them up here on this website so you can see exactly how disgusting the entire human race is. Since then, I have been in a waterskiing accident that mangled my genitals beyond repair, been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, brain cancer, and Crohn's disease, learned to speak Urdu and French, covered my naked body in superglue, went to French lesbian camp, made a Hindu eat a roast beef sandwich out of my vagina, and ruined perfectly good cybersex for at least one hundred people. Use the menu above to find out more about me and start reading my sexy adventures,

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It's coming out you guys! Like Adele to a cake or Cookie Monster to Walter White, I have legitimate sources on the inside of major company's, such as Little Debbie,and Crack Cocaine, a subsidiary of major market seller "I'll Suck Yo Dick Fo These Cheeseburgers Man" INC, that this game will be released and on the market before they realize that jesus christ these books sucked.

10:12 PM on 10.15.2011

10:42 AM on 03.04.2011

Also, I miss some of you guys but I have to save up money for this guy from Nigeria. I'm gonna be rich, bitch!

10:32 AM on 11.22.2010

Deal with it.

Girl Cammy-

You know, I really donít want to come off that this line is acceptable by any means whatsoever. Itís this thong that set off a fire of remarks in total disregards to all the points I was trying to make in my last bewbs entry. Keep in mind though, again, while I donít accept this nonsense on my behalf and should be corrected, thereís something that has to be said for this type of digression, a type that can only be produced by the cosplayers.

For people not in the know, yesterday I posted a picture about video game art and what the focus of the medium should be (i.e., Zangeif). In a rush to respond to comment, I made this stupid response instead of what I MEANT to say(i.e., Chun Li).

But it really bothers me that genders are this undiplomatic in public media regardless of environment. Gamers need to understand that these types of random fat people arenít that funny beyond our circle of life. I mean, when are we going to get past this, ďMufasa Mufasa MufasaĒ nonsense as a culture?

Photo Photo

2:06 PM on 05.12.2010

Itís no wonder that oranges have been taking their aim off the nonsense Fruit Salad market when apple shows up to the tree front. I personally donít own a fruit grove but my brother does. After actually eating some apples myself, the reasons are very clear why they would target oranges, a fruit with such a different taste, that many people often speculate about merger. NOT NOW THOUGH.

Bananas, at an investors meeting finally identifying the fact that Apples are chewing down the very ďcasualĒ market that pomegranates were designed for, ďEnemy of the future.Ē He declared.

From my take on the matter, itís about time we level the playing field with a competitor that takes a real pride in the same fundamental philosophies that apples do. The battle before with bananas and oranges was COMPLETE nonsense and had no honor in the integrity of fruit and innovation. Competitors like Apple are as close as to the day of Aunt Jemimah versus waffles as itís going to get. Eaters need to back Apple and oranges for the betterment of the entire industry going forward, itís very important.

Personally, Iím looking very forward to watching both of those tasty fruits out-innovate each other in order to capture the audience versus todayís condition; where companies are using a constant monkey-see/monkey do tactics in order to manipulate the buyers to buy fruit roll-ups. I am looking very forward to buying both products that these companies release in the future.