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bleep's blog

1:47 PM on 11.17.2008

Gears of War 2 -Coop Mode

Last night I finished the co-op campaign on the Epic title Gears of War 2 and I have to say it was quite a wild ride. The challenge with most co-op games I've played is making sure there is enough for both the players to do ...   read

2:22 PM on 11.11.2008

Delorian avail. in Burnout Paradise! 88mph! w00t!


5:14 AM on 10.11.2008

Epic YTMND = Wall$treet Kid NES (2008)


9:59 PM on 09.02.2008

360 go wireless or not to go....wireless

so Im in the market for a headset and was wondering if any of the good people who read dtoid might be able to give me some advice......ok so the rest of you can give me advice as well. I initially thought the wired headset...   read

7:40 PM on 08.19.2008

Uwe Boll in HD

Ok, so I work with video and film in Hollywood.... I just finished dealing with Uwe Boll's "BloodRayne" and "BloodRayne: Deliverance" in HD Ben Kingsley would like to have this one back... which begs the question...whats ...   read

7:14 PM on 08.17.2008

Giant Pikachu with Sexual Organs!

Im not really sure what to make of this. Actually thats not true, I like it.   read

4:47 AM on 07.18.2008


Heeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy god this is classic!   read

3:53 AM on 07.18.2008


This is one YTMND that you won't soon forget..... and the special message at the end makes me feel all warm bout you? Check it   read

4:45 PM on 07.16.2008

E3 2008: Impressions

Well its that time of year again when all the Dtoid staff that are avail. clamber to the smog cave that is Los Angeles California to see whats new at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. It's not only an essential conference f...   read

8:33 PM on 06.27.2008

Wii Snacks are Essential For Long Term Survival

Many of you Wii owners are just like me, you need to continue to eat food to stay alive. Well if you were trying to figure out what recipes to concockt for that next wii party the good folks over ChowHound have saved you the...   read

4:11 AM on 06.11.2008

Mr. Destructoid Sighting - SHEMP

Dark Humored Prison-Escape Murder-Mystey. Hysteria, Homicide and Hilarity.. A killer is roaming the halls of Goldwater Prison, home to the most bizarre inmates in the world.[/moviehype] Is it possible that Mr. Destructoid is...   read

1:49 PM on 06.03.2008


I found a great Shmup last night that even has a version for the lowly Mac users Gridrunner++ (llamasoft) is a psychedelic thrill ride through the bowels of computer generated euphoria. it doesn't get much better than this...   read

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