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bleep avatar 3:20 AM on 07.19.2007  (server time)
Wii Party Station to Hit the market soon?

E3 is the place to be if you're interested in what new and upcoming technology will make your life cooler, or just way easier. Unless you've been doing your best Helen Keller impression you're probably aware that this year's conference just ended. The neatest thing sure to be on store shelves near you soon is the Wii Party Station! It includes four cup holders, an air vent for blowing--->your hands dry, as well as an assortment of score keeping screens to make sure that even if you're way too wasted to actually play Wii tennis, you will still know what the score is! Oh did I forget to mention that in the middle of the "Snack Station" is a place to dump some chips/cookies/jelly bellys/gummy worms/hot wings!!! can you say "Snack Attack"...ok I'll stop there.

No I'm not lying here it is!

If you ask me, and I think you would given the chance, this is the PERFECT way to get your hands all greased up for that Olympic Wiimote Toss you've been practicing for since you got your Wii.

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