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bleep avatar 9:23 PM on 07.21.2007  (server time)
David Houghton Stuns, With Two Posts In Same Day

One of the writers for stunned his friends and the world by writing and posting to the internet two stories in just one day. It started yesterday when David was relaxing for the evening. He said to himself, "Ya know, Im finished writing rubbish, tomorrow I'm gonna get in there and really impress at least one person." The next morning he wrote furiously for a matter of minutes to produce the most in-depth and surprising story about Sony not needing christmas sales, that has ever been written.
But David wasn't finished yet. After revitalizing himself with a giant plate of fish and chips he set about the inconceivable task of writing yet another story....the same day!

People everywhere are calling David Houghton a hero.

Once he had exhausted himself after about 5 minutes he reluctantly realized he had actually managed to create yet another masterpiece so amazing it actually surpassed the first in its greatness. When reached for comment all David had to say was, "Yeah I know a lot of people are calling me a hero and everything, I just don't think of myself like that. I'm just an ordinary person like everybody else....I just care more ya know." And while everyone is trying to grapple with the implications of such an act of unbridled creativity and efficiency most people are just asking themselves one thing, "How does he do it?"

Well How Do You Do It David?

You will always be a hero and a pillar of the community to everyone here at Destrucoid David

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