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bleep avatar 8:08 PM on 07.13.2007  (server time)
Coolest T-Shirts I've Seen in a While

Over At they obviously have their finger.....well lets just say they know whats cool.
They have an impressive array of products that will likely appeal to your average "computer enthusiast" and while browsing their wares I discovered what has to be the coolest T I have seen in quite some time.

Interestingly enough I had an idea for a shirt sort of like this just days before I found myself picking my jaw off the floor gawking at this one! My idea was for a shirt that was a PLAYABLE video game on a shirt, think Etchasketch with the nobs around the nipple area! (I know its brilliant) anyway this particular shirt is pretty sweet but could be SW33t! if they had made the loop a little longer and more varied...oh well.

I also really liked this shirt:

though the rib for both of these guys is that you need to carry a battery pack in your pocket!
just imagine trying to get through security @ the airport wearing one of these things:
Sir you'll need to take that out of your pocket sir...OH JESUS HES GOT AN EXPLOSIVE DEVICE!

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