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Open your eyes tonight
You could be wise tonight
You could survive tonight
I'll be your highs tonight
I'll be your lie tonight
Unto the sky tonight
I'll take your blows tonight
I'll show you lows tonight
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1:37 AM on 10.01.2011

I made a Twitter account to collect some .gifs of Max Scoville I made using footage from The Destructoid Show. Follow its ass, and maybe my account too:

I encourage you to make gifs as well and tweet them to @MaxGifville. I will retweet them for further building of a Max collection. I don't know how long I will keep this up for. Gifs are a pain to make. I'm a jobless graduate, so I've usually got the time but don't always have the temper. This is meant to be a joke, and not creepy.

The moment Max wants this terminated, I will make it so, but he likes it so far. The moment I get tired of gif creation (which may be ANY time, especially if I get a job soon) I will slow down and probably stop updating.