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1. Diablo(PC)
2. Bioshock (Xbox360)
3. Mortal Kombat II(Sega Genesis)
4. Final Fantasy VII(PSone)
5. Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (PSOne)
6. Legend of Mana (PSOne)

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8:51 AM on 10.22.2007

Is anyone else's wii collecting dust?

I read a Joystiq article recently that claimed that %67 of Wii owners haven't been using their console on a regular basis.

I confess that I'm guilty of this. As to why I can only speculate. I still play video games on a regular basis. I spend a great deal of time on the virtual console and playing gamecube games. However, as far as Wii games go I seldom play them when compared to everything else the Wii has to offer. Perhaps it's hard to break one's self from the traditional controls of typical consoles or maybe I'm just lazy.

My friend lent me his PS3 recently. In the course of 2 days we completed Heavenly Sword and while I am a proud Wii owner I'm no fanboy by any means. In my experience with the PS3 I've been left wide-eyed by the graphics and textures presented in the game cinematics.The Aftertouch controls alone provide hours of entertainment. Granted, the most fun of that is derived from how close you can get an arrow to your target's scrotum. I've found myself drawn to that more so than my Wii. Maybe I'm clinging to the familiarity of the controls?


I'm excited about the inclusion of Diddy Kong in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Looking at the current roster though I can't help but feel that they're saving the bombshell announcements for closer to the game's release date. By bombshell announcements I mean of course Sonic. However, there are a number of other characters I'd like to see in Smash that'll probably never happen.

1.) Duke Nukem
The problems are obvious here. In a fighting game that'll be rated T for teen at the most Duke has no place. You gotta admit though it'd be pretty badass for him to tear off Bowser's head and shit down his neck.

2.) Pac-Man
I don't even know how this one would work. He's a little yellow man with an eating disorder. He feasts on a steady diet of yellow dots, undead, and an occasional piece of fruit when he feels guilty. Would smash turn this pixelated legend into a cannibal?

3.) Winnie the Pooh
If Kingdom Hearts could do it so can Smash. Personally, I'd put Pooh in full Mech Assault battle armor with a laser sword for good measure. He'd have a wrist flamethrower similar to Boba Fett's except for one minor difference. It shoots honey! Ha! Betcha didn't see that one coming. Anyway, this Pooh would be similar to PA's concept of Winnie being partially fused with Genova.