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bjland6 avatar 3:28 AM on 12.04.2012  (server time)
Take the Beijing Day Tour to Visit the Most Famous Beauties Sites

Have you been to China before? Would you like to arrange China tour operator recently in the late autumn, the golden time for traveling in China? Different city enjoys different scenery and culture in China, so no matter you are interested in historical sites, natural scenery or original culture, different places to go in China routes will meet your different needs.
You are searching for the travel cities that covering the most famous historical sightseeing of China? Then Beijing City Tour will rank the first. Different sections of the Great Wall for excursion; Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven tour to feel the strong imperial power; the largest imperial garden the Summer Palace shows the traditional garden art...all these may tell you the prosperity of ancient China. Besides Beijing, Xian is another famous ancient capital in China. So Xian Tours also attract large numbers of tourists from all over the world every year. In Xian, you could have a view of the world wonder -Terror Cotta Warriors to learn more about the history of Qin Dynasty. From the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and the Ancient City Wall, you will also feel the development of Xian City. One of the other historic city deserve to visit is Zhangjiajie. Not famous enough, Zhangjiajie Tour will show you the real ancient town in China.
You are looking for ideal place to enjoy the natural beauty of China? Then I would recommend you to join Guilin Tour, Huangshan Tor and Yangtze River Cruise. Eulogized in fantastic terms by Chinese tourist literature, Guilin takes its position among the aristocracy of China's top sights with confidence and more than a measure of complacency. Watch the blazing sunset on top of the mountain with its magnificent red and orange hues. Once the sunsets, darkness quickly enveloped you and the temperature suddenly became much colder-unforgettable. Travel along Yangtze River - the mother river of China on luxury cruise, while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, you will also learn much more about the origin of Chinese people.
For those who are fond of minority culture and special experience during China vacation, I would like to recommend Yunnan China Tours and Tibet Travel to you. Lijiang Ancient City, Dali Ancient City and Kunming and Shangrila are all the tourist cities in Yunnan Province which show the rich tourism resources and local custom to all the visitors. Lhasa, the remote abode of the Dalai Lamas, object of devout pilgrimage and heart and soul of Tibet, is still a city of wonders, despite the large-scale encroachments of modern Chinese influence. From Lhasa Tour, you will find its strong spiritual world!

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