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bindingofalex avatar 8:48 PM on 07.08.2012  (server time)
Just Me crying about the Vita

It's been about five since the PlayStation Vita came out. The launch was promising, about twenty five games were available at launch. And while the price of the system was exactly cheap, it wasn't stupidly expensive. *coughps3cough*

On a side note, the Vita did come with the hidden cost of buying a ridiculous memory card. But, we'll save that for another day.

Things we're looking great for Sony's new portable but since then I haven't had much reason to touch the poor little guy. At launch I picked up ramen organs and that shiny looking Uncharted game. Uncharted was a fantastic looking game, i'm glad I picked up the only $50 title from the launch lineup but i'm if the game was right for me. I was completely new to the series and it was my surprise to learn that half the game if holding the analog stick in directions while Nathan Drake climbs around cinematically, and the other half of the game was being pinned down in gun fights for over ten minutes at a time. Definitely a great game, just not my cup of tea.

The other game I picked up, Rayman Origins made me piss out rainbows. This handheld port was my first experience with the game and the colors were amazing on the OLED screen. And not only did the game look fantastic, it played extremely well. Easily one of my favorite games of the generation.

Since that harsh Maine february i've picked up but one lone game for my Vita, Gravity Rush. Sadly I was disappointed. The game is absolutely beautiful, it's full of so much charm i thought it'd be impossible to not have fun while playing. But some of the missions are pretty lousy. I found myself nine times out of ten just running around the world like a child.

But as an American, I want more. More I say!

This summer has been a dry one for the system. Resistance was a bust, Gravity Rush was fairly good, and nothing else has come out for the damn thing. A quick look at metacritc shows we have some games coming out, but not until about October. We have about one or two interesting games coming our way but the next three months look just as dry as the past three were.

Persona 4 and PlayStation All-Star's Battle Royale are my sunshine, they'll make me happy when skies are gray.

Interestingly enough, Sony has said they have numerous games in the works for the console and that the company will show them when they're ready. But why wait? The Vita needs the games now. The poor guy is suffering in a dessert walking around just wondering for some type of salvation, and Resistance was merely a mirage.

So come on Sony, and all third party companies. Let's get some games out! I want to play my Vita, I really really do but every time I go out to buy a game I have to choose a 3DS title over Lego Batman 2 or Pure Chess. And when I get home from my journey the local shop I feel guilty as I see Mr. Vita sitting all alone.

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