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binary revolver avatar 4:18 AM on 07.22.2012  (server time)
The Unfortunate Tale of my first Hardcore Minecraft World

I started playing MC when it was in Alpha, and stopped playing around beta 1.8. Now, well after the official release, I decided to go back and try and finish the game. From beginning to the literal End, on Hardcore mode.

I generate the world and spawn in front a ton of sheep; so inevitably, I proceed to slaughter them all. I get a bunch of wool so I can make a bed right off the bat, sleep through the night and not have to deal with zombies and creepers. I still think that the bed is a bit of a cop out, some of my favourite moments from Minecraft were scrambling though the night trying to get back home, or building a makeshift house in the dirt and waiting it out until sunrise. It was always a fun challenge to have to frantically collect wood and build torches and a house as soon you spawn to live through he first night. I think it would be better if sheep didnít drop wool when you killed them, and you could only get wool with a shear, meaning you have to find iron first. Then you at least have to play for a while and go exploring.

Anyway I spawned in a great area, after about 10 minutes Iíve got a bed, a set of tools and enough wooden planks and coal to last a lifetime. I set up a small farm so I can have a nice supply of food throughout the game, and block it off so the damn sheep wouldnít trample my crops. After sleeping off the first night I go exploring for a bit (and Iím unexpectedly excited about coming back to check on my farm and seeing my crops grow. Farming is weirdly fun and satisfying, especially when you need food to survive in a permanent-death game). So far things have gone far better than expected, I have food and weapons and seem to be in a great position.

As I walk past a lake onto a hill, I notice an Enderman. Of course, Endermen donít like it when you notice them. So now Iím deadlocked, trapped in the Endermanís gaze, deciding what to do. Heís standing on a hill staring at me with his creepy jaw wide open, and Iím standing below the hill right in front of a lake. I figure Iím in a pretty good position here, I have weapons and full health and a lake to back me up. So I turn around and run into the water. He immediately teleports behind me and takes damage from the water before teleporting out somewhere. I walk over the hill and sprint at it, hitting it twice with my stone sword. At this point I figure Iíve won the battle and should get a nifty Ender Pearl early in the game, since itís taken two hits and water damage. It teleports behind me and hits me, I turn around and itís gone. Then I hear it materialise behind me again, so I turn around and before I could react it hits me again, I get knocked off the hill, take fall damage, and die. Death in Hard Core mode is permanent. World deleted. Final score, 71.
So that was my foray back into Minecraft. No diamond, no Nether, no Ender Dragon, just half an hour of walking around before getting annihilated by an Enderman.

And I never got to see my crops grow.

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