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12:27 AM on 08.03.2012

Minecraft PvP Adventures: The Hunger Games

Recently Iíve started playing more multiplayer Minecraft, particularly playing on PvP servers, where you can play against other people. In the Minecraft Hunger Games youíre placed in a huge open world with up to 150 players, you explore, find resources, make tools and weapons, find food and try not to starve to death, find and kill the other players, and generally try to survive. You have 2 minutes of invincibility when you spawn and after that the last player standing wins.

I spawn in, and like the 100 other players around me, start frantically running towards a tree to gather some wood during the invincibility period. My tactic for this game was to get around 5 logs and then just run as fast as I can to the edge of the map, away from the other players, and hunt for food. The first few times I played I underestimated how important, and difficult, it was to get food. I would either start digging underground and look for iron as quickly as possible, and then have to resort to eating zombie flesh if I even managed to find that, or run around just looking for some mushrooms or hoping for some animals to spawn. I was lucky this time in that I was able to find a herd of cows outside of a small cave. I beat the cows to death, ripped off their skin and cut out their meat. After entering and then blocking off the entrance to the cave, I had a nice hideout, enough beef to last for a while, and some leather to make armour.

40 players remaining.

A key aspect of the Hunger Games servers was that you choose a kit to add something to your arsenal from the get go. During this game my kit was ĎBeast Masterí, so I spawned with 2 wolf eggs and 4 bones. I spawn a wolf and the greedy bastard uses up all my bones until it becomes obedient, I spawn the other wolf anyway and just set it free, to roam the land and live a full life. Scruffy and I start heading down into the depths of the cave, and immediately stumble upon a massive coal vein. I make enough torches to last the rest of the game and keep heading down. We venture though the various pathways of the cave, coming across beautiful underground waterfalls and luminous lava pits, battling skeletons and zombies, collecting more and more resources and becoming a formidable team.

20 players remaining.

Scruffy runs around killing zombies and protecting my back, as I continue to find as much iron as possible. I find a nice iron ore vein on the side of an underground ravine. Thereís water flowing down into the depths of the cavern beside me and I can hear the splashing of a party of mobs waiting for me to fall. Directly beneath me there was a creeper, jumping up and down just too low to reach me. The ore was right on the edge of the ravine wall and the immediate drop was significant. I told Scruffy to sit and stay and proceeded to build a makeshift bridge of dirt and cobblestone. Nervously holding down the shift key, I build a narrow path to the ore. I started mining into the vein. One block, two, three-all of a sudden I had 8 more iron blocks to add to my stack. That was all I needed for now, enough to make a sword and some extra armour. It was time to find my way back out of this cave and start hunting for players.

10 players remaining.

I start heading back the way I came, and Scruffy is equally eager to get out of here and see the sun again. But of course as any Minecrafter will attest to, the allure of a dark cavern and the possible goods inside is too strong to ignore. So we were diverted, several times, into caves and pathways, down water streams and around mobs, until we were utterly lost. This wasnít a huge problem since I had torches and food, and while we were so deep underground we were safe from other players, but there was one thing I didnít count on-the Feast.

5 players remaining.

At some point in the game, at some point on the map, the server holds a Feast. A bunch of stuff happens and people get cool equipment, I assume, Iíve never actually been to the Feast before. Suffice to say that there are restrictions on the server, for example you canít mine diamond, so if youíre lucky enough to be near the Feast when it happens it could be a real turning point. The downside is that many other players may arrive at the location, making it a dangerous area. I see the Feast be announced, I see the coordinates, I look up my coordinates, and I weep in despair. I pat Scruffy on the head, hope that no one else got anything too powerful from the Feast, or that people that went there killed each other out, and continue to try and make it above ground.

4 players remaining.

As we continue to walk out, I find a creeper directly in my path, so I hit it with a sword and it gets knocked back. The ever loyal Scruffy immediately starts to attack it, I walk over to hit it again and kill it, but as Scruffy keeps biting it, it gets knocked back and itís just out of reach for me to hit. I hear the creeperís signature hiss and see it explode and disappear in a haze of smoke and rubble, and I see Scruffyís body flash red, fall to its side, and disappear. NOOO, SCRUFFY! Goddamn creepers, I have to win now, for you old friend.

3 players remaining.

As I mourn for Scruffy, I decide now is not the time to leave the underground caves. I dig down deeper, I need to get more iron, get stronger, and make sure I canít lose. As I start crafting some more armour, I exit the crafting bench and-goddamn creeper out of nowhere. GODDAMN CREEPERS. I hate them so much. This one wasnít going to go get out alive, a few hits with an iron sword and it was dead.

2 players remaining.

Now we were in to the end game. I have full iron armour, an iron sword and food for days. I start to, once again, try and find my way back above ground. I feel like Iím in a pretty good position, so I ask the only player remaining what equipment he has.

Oh sweet Jesus diamond!?
I really regret not going to the feast.

I see him coming down towards me, closer and closer, until I can hear him mining only a few blocks above me. I start sprinting down into my cave system and I see a skeleton in my way. I canít engage it now, canít risk getting hit and losing any health, and I canít go back since heís going to break through my wall any second. Iím not worried though, I have the spirit of Scruffy by my side. Thereís no way Iím losing this, after all, the underdog always wins right? He breaks though, I charge at him and my iron sword clangs against his diamond armor, he hits me with his diamond sword and I die almost instantly.


Goddamn creepers.


4:18 AM on 07.22.2012

The Unfortunate Tale of my first Hardcore Minecraft World

I started playing MC when it was in Alpha, and stopped playing around beta 1.8. Now, well after the official release, I decided to go back and try and finish the game. From beginning to the literal End, on Hardcore mode.

I generate the world and spawn in front a ton of sheep; so inevitably, I proceed to slaughter them all. I get a bunch of wool so I can make a bed right off the bat, sleep through the night and not have to deal with zombies and creepers. I still think that the bed is a bit of a cop out, some of my favourite moments from Minecraft were scrambling though the night trying to get back home, or building a makeshift house in the dirt and waiting it out until sunrise. It was always a fun challenge to have to frantically collect wood and build torches and a house as soon you spawn to live through he first night. I think it would be better if sheep didnít drop wool when you killed them, and you could only get wool with a shear, meaning you have to find iron first. Then you at least have to play for a while and go exploring.

Anyway I spawned in a great area, after about 10 minutes Iíve got a bed, a set of tools and enough wooden planks and coal to last a lifetime. I set up a small farm so I can have a nice supply of food throughout the game, and block it off so the damn sheep wouldnít trample my crops. After sleeping off the first night I go exploring for a bit (and Iím unexpectedly excited about coming back to check on my farm and seeing my crops grow. Farming is weirdly fun and satisfying, especially when you need food to survive in a permanent-death game). So far things have gone far better than expected, I have food and weapons and seem to be in a great position.

As I walk past a lake onto a hill, I notice an Enderman. Of course, Endermen donít like it when you notice them. So now Iím deadlocked, trapped in the Endermanís gaze, deciding what to do. Heís standing on a hill staring at me with his creepy jaw wide open, and Iím standing below the hill right in front of a lake. I figure Iím in a pretty good position here, I have weapons and full health and a lake to back me up. So I turn around and run into the water. He immediately teleports behind me and takes damage from the water before teleporting out somewhere. I walk over the hill and sprint at it, hitting it twice with my stone sword. At this point I figure Iíve won the battle and should get a nifty Ender Pearl early in the game, since itís taken two hits and water damage. It teleports behind me and hits me, I turn around and itís gone. Then I hear it materialise behind me again, so I turn around and before I could react it hits me again, I get knocked off the hill, take fall damage, and die. Death in Hard Core mode is permanent. World deleted. Final score, 71.
So that was my foray back into Minecraft. No diamond, no Nether, no Ender Dragon, just half an hour of walking around before getting annihilated by an Enderman.

And I never got to see my crops grow.   read

8:59 AM on 07.13.2012

I Don't Want Gaming To Fade Out Of My Life

[size=14]I just started this blog and I thought I'd give an introduction into who I am and what this is.
I study Finance at University, needles to say I like gaming, I like Doctor Who, Breaking Bad and Mad Men and I like movies that are good. I love stand up comedy and Louis CK is a god to me. If you didn't need to be funny I would totally be a stand up comedian.

Destructoid is the only gaming website I still visit. Even before I stopped regularly playing and following video games, Destructoid was one of my favourite sites. Mainly because Podtoid was my favourite podcast and gave me some the best couple of hours of my week. After Anthony Burch et al. left the site and the old Podtoid died, I stopped listening and stopped coming here in general. But now I'm back, I want to get back into gaming and back into Destructoid.

I used to be a crazy dedicated gamer. I played on xbox live for an ungodly amount of straight hours every day. Spent an equal amount of hours on youtube watching gaming videos and learning Halo maps and strategies. I visited countless gaming websites religiously and was an ass on forums around the internet.
Now I buy maybe one game every couple of months. It's amazing how much time and effort it actually takes to buy, get into and finish a game. The last game I played and finished was Skyrim. I bought it in November 2011, and now at July 2012 I still haven't played another game since. Of course some of the blame for the that has to go Skyrim itself, such a great game that I haven't wanted to play anything else. Truthfully I probably won't buy another until Bioshock Infinite comes out.

Anyway gaming has always been such a huge part of my life, since I can remember it has been my main hobby. I decided I couldn't just let gaming die out of my life completely, when I look back, some of the best memories I have all come from gaming. Going on holidays? Meeting new people? Getting a job? Getting a car? None of those things compete with the memories I have of spending hundreds of hours exploring the Capital Wasteland in Fallout 3, or 100% completing Crash Team Racing.

So I'm trying to get back into gaming. This is my motivation. If nothing else, I gotta play to keep my blogs updated.[/size]   read

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