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9:36 AM on 04.24.2014

How To Play Gun Mayhem 2

There are several games out there for those who love action games. These games ensure that you get the action that you need. They will keep you busy when you are bored and do not have anything to do. One such game is the gun mayhem 2 created by Kevin Gu. This is one of the armor games and it has several explosives as compared to the first gun mayhem game. The second version has become popular and is the one that is played nowadays.This game is a fighting style one so you have to be prepared to kick your enemies off.

This is an exciting game that you can play about 4 people at the same time. This second version of this version is even more interesting. It comes with maps and other interesting things. There are challenging levels that will give you more skills. You have the option of customizing the options that are available. There are up to 7 modes as well as new is very easy to load and comes with attractive graphics. If you would like a three dimension experience, then this is the game to play. Get ready and learn how to play this game.

Controls: Some of controls that the 1st player can use are: the arrow keys are used for movement, the Z key is for shooting and X key is for throwing bombs. The 2nd player can use the WASD keys for movement, T key for shooting and Y for throwing bombs. The third and fourth players can use controls that have been edited. This is the best part; they can choose the controls that they would like to use. These controls are simple and will not give you a difficult time when you are playing the game.

The objective is to defeat the opponent. You have to knock him out as many times as you can till he is out of life. However, you have to make sure that the enemy does not knock you out first. There are several weapons that you can use to succeed in this. There is the hand gun and some weapons that will drop in supply boxes. You can make use of this defeat your enemies. Before you start playing, you should enter your name so as to change the style. There are training missions that will show you how to go about playing the game.

To get started, you will stand on platforms with your enemies. You should make sure that your enemies don’t shoot you of these platforms. Along the way, you can collect power ups that will boost you in the game. These power-ups will help you to overcome the different levels that are available in this game.There are those that will increase your speed and even shrink you to avoid being shot. There are three different modes that you can choose to play. These are the; challenges, custom game and campaign. You can choose the game that is more appropriate for you whether you are a beginner or an advanced player.

You will find it more interesting to play. All you have to do is just load the game and you will be good to go. Invite your friends over so that you can play together. It will be more fun if you have friends over. They will keep you company while you challenge them to the game. Remember to have fun while playing and not be uptight in the game.

This game is quite addictive once you get the drift. It is not difficult to play. It has simple controls that make it more easy to get around the screen. The major drawback of this game is that you will not be able to play online. However, it is a simple and will ensure that you are entertained. Overall the game is worth giving a try.

 You will not spend a lot of time downloading it because it loads very quickly. Go ahead and the play and see for yourself how interesting it will be. You will want to play it on a daily basis because it will keep you busy.Enjoy the game without any pressure at all.


5:23 AM on 04.14.2014

Advantages Of Online Browser Games For Both Players And Developers

[justify]Playing a game over the internet gives the player a chance to interact with other people all over the world. One gets to compare his or her level of skills with the rest of the people that share a common interest in the game. It fights boredom associated with always playing the same game as a single player.[/justify]


[justify]When one plays a game via the internet, the developers are always updated of the changes that need to be done on the game. This is often because the players share their views concerning the game with the developers. What the players would like to be removed or included in the game is considered and they also rate it.[/justify]

[justify]Online browser games do not require that you download and install them. All that is necessary is an internet connection and the necessary supporting browsers. This is space efficient because the hard disk space can be used to store other stuff. Every time a new update is available it is instantaneously installed and run.[/justify]

[justify]The developers of the browser games are able to release new versions as well as updates of a game to the public easily. They do not have to be downloaded every time because they are accessed straight from the internet. The changes made are usually experienced by the players immediately they are made. In case of errors, they can also be rectified as soon as they are noted.[/justify]

[justify]Online browser games have been picking up fast in terms of popularity. Any game developer who is yet to adopt the idea of offering online game versions should start it as soon as possible. Most of the latest successful game versions currently started being played over the internet and were released when players confirmed that they were the best game for release.[/justify]   read

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