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big filth avatar 10:56 AM on 06.13.2008  (server time)
"Dog, it's a Blu Ray, dog."

This is what my neighbor says to me any time he is describing something that has to do with his PS3.

Apparently picking up a used copy of Assassins Creed was a good move because, "dog, its a blu ray, dog." According to him, "a blu ray cant be scratched or whatever, dog.". Well, that is interesting. It sounds like an amazing advancement in disc technology when you can create a disc that cant be scratched.

I wish someone could make cd's and dvd's that couldnt be scrathced as well. Well, one can dream.

In describing to me how awesome GTA4 is I learned that part of its awesomess is because, "Dog, its a blu ray, dog.". Oh? that is interesting, my copy of the game sucked, and now I know why. It is on a DVD.

A while back my neighbor had a 360 as well as his PS3. He lost interest in the 360 and sold it. I thought that was pretty odd so I asked him how he could get rid of his 360? Of course we know his answer, "Dog, why do I need that, when its not even a Blu Ray dog?"

How could I argue with that?

My neighbor isnt the only PS3 owner I know who is blown away by the fact the discs his games come on are called "blu rays". A co worker of mine loves them as well. The similarities between these 2 guys dont end there. Another thing they have in common is they are both the proud owners of old SDTV's. Neither one of them could tell you the difference between an HDMI port or Port Everglades and neither one of them uses their PS3 to watch movies.

Who needs to know about any of that when its a blu ray dog??

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