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9:55 AM on 12.05.2008

DL'ing Resident Evil 5 demo now

In case you werent aware, the resident evil 5 demo became available for Japan today. I am dl'ing it now and wanted to share it with every one who wants to see it as bad as I do.

here are the instructions I followed. If you have a few minutes and dont want to wait for an american demo, here is your chance.

Here’s how to get the download via planetxbox360:

* Go here:
* Sign up a new account, Click “No, sign me up for a free MSN Hotmail e-mail address”
* Pick JAPAN for your country, pick Tokyo-to as your Prefecture 150-2345 for your zipcode
* Keep going, and then have it set you up with a address.
* Go to your 360, and create a new profile. Log in using your hotmail address on your 360, and it should set it to Japan.
* If this is less than your 4th trial account you get gold free, so select yes when it asks you. (the RE5 demo requires Gold standing)

How to download the demo from Japanese XBox:

* Login to your Japanese Gold account
* Once logged in press the xbox button in the middle of your controller to bring up the “old” dashboard
* Navigate to the market place tab, then go to Game Marketplace
* From Game Market place navigate all the way down to ALL GAMES
* Then from ALL GAMES. Then go to “ALL” (instead of trying to understand japanese alphabet). Then just scroll through all the games until you get to BioHazzard 5 (it should be 270 of 40
* Once you get to BioHazzard 5, the first screen should say “Get Demo” and viola you are downloading the demo. Should be like 472 MBs.   read

10:41 PM on 08.18.2008

Confessions of a Braid cheater.

Now I know this is absurd. I know I will lose all of my cred as a gamer after admitting this, but I had to cheat on some of the puzzles in Braid. Don't get the wrong idea, I tried. I spent a great deal of time on some of the puzzles and just could'nt seem to get them. I enjoyed the game, and truly enjoyed the feeling you get from collecting a new puzzle piece, but there comes a time when enough is enough.

Sure, not everyone is as good at certain things, but I was able to beat Portal, and all of the advance Portal stages without cheating. So whats the difference? Whats interesting is after I would watch a video it was never a feeling of, "oh, how did I miss that?". It was more like, "holy shit! I'm glad I just looked that up cause I would have NEVER figured that out."

I'm glad that even after watching a video for a piece here and there it did'nt ruin or cheapen the experience for me. I did it right at the time where I needed to progress or I may have been turned off and not finished the game. Perhaps I could have started the game over and been able to figure them out on my second play through? I guess we will never know.

Looking back, I think part of the problem was not fully understanding a few things at the time I needed to. For example, you may come across a puzzle and need to use a technique that was never introduced up to that point. Sure, some people might realize that if you are standing close to the pit of spikes and your shadow jumps across you will be able to get the key like some sort of hand off. But I never even thought that was an option and spent hours trying to figure out how to get the key up on the ledge.

I don't know if I would have ever tried that technique not knowing it was an option.

At the end of the day, I did enjoy the game and would recommend it to anyone who has'nt played it yet and is looking for a challenge.

So, how about you "hardcore gamers"? ;) Did anyone else need help? Don't be shy, for we shall unite and strengthen in numbers. Jk. But seriously, don't be gay. ;)   read

10:56 AM on 06.13.2008

"Dog, it's a Blu Ray, dog."

This is what my neighbor says to me any time he is describing something that has to do with his PS3.

Apparently picking up a used copy of Assassins Creed was a good move because, "dog, its a blu ray, dog." According to him, "a blu ray cant be scratched or whatever, dog.". Well, that is interesting. It sounds like an amazing advancement in disc technology when you can create a disc that cant be scratched.

I wish someone could make cd's and dvd's that couldnt be scrathced as well. Well, one can dream.

In describing to me how awesome GTA4 is I learned that part of its awesomess is because, "Dog, its a blu ray, dog.". Oh? that is interesting, my copy of the game sucked, and now I know why. It is on a DVD.

A while back my neighbor had a 360 as well as his PS3. He lost interest in the 360 and sold it. I thought that was pretty odd so I asked him how he could get rid of his 360? Of course we know his answer, "Dog, why do I need that, when its not even a Blu Ray dog?"

How could I argue with that?

My neighbor isnt the only PS3 owner I know who is blown away by the fact the discs his games come on are called "blu rays". A co worker of mine loves them as well. The similarities between these 2 guys dont end there. Another thing they have in common is they are both the proud owners of old SDTV's. Neither one of them could tell you the difference between an HDMI port or Port Everglades and neither one of them uses their PS3 to watch movies.

Who needs to know about any of that when its a blu ray dog??


12:59 PM on 06.10.2008

Ninja Gaiden 2 Vs. Devil May Cry 4

I have not finished NG2 just yet, but so far I have to say the game is better than DMC4 imo. I wasnt sure if it would be but it became very apparent after the first couple of levels.

Devil May Cry 4 was a cool game. Using Nero to destroy enemies was pretty fun and the graphics were great. The thing is there were lots of times when I played that game when it just wasn't very fun. People say the NG2 cam is off but I like it way better than the fixed cam in DMC4. To be honest I don't think I have had any issues with the NG2 cam.

The levels in DMC4 were confusing and always seemed to frustrate me. I don't think there was a single level that I didn't get lost on. Half the time I would think I was moving forward only to end up in the same place I started... "huh?"

The action was great, but in DMC4 you maybe faced 3 or 4 enemies at a time where in NG2 it seems like 10 or more at times. Maybe if you could use Nero in NG2 you would be able to have the kind of fun that you can with RYU. That is a bad mother fucker there. Between running on walls, jumping up walls and slicing through enemies like a turkey on thanksgiving with an electric carving knife, NG2 is just more fun!


look at that.

Another thing about DMC4 was the lame ass puzzle attempts. If anyone remembers the level where you had to hit those spinning gyros into the, uh, I don't know what the hell they were but man was that retarded. Lets take a game thats best part is its combat and hide it between lame ass puzzles and horribly designed levels.

In NG2 its pretty straight forward. You walk up, you fight lots of enemies, kill them and fight more, which is good because it is awesome! Thats what I want to do! I don't want to move statues around from one colored tile to another.

If you haven't seen NG2 combat in action you really need to. In fact, seeing it wont be enough, you need to do it yourself. It is amazing what you can do to your enemies in that game. Not only is what you can do amazing, but the amount of attacking options is incredible. The variety between weapons is greater than I expected and allows you to mix it up even more than an extendable arm and a gun. (what a pussy ass gun that was by the way)

NG2 is the only single player game I have ever played that I get killed in as often as I do in a Call of Duty 4 Deathmatch, and I love it. If you are like me, you skip that kill cam the instant it pops up so you can respawn as fast as possible. Why? To kill the fucker who just killed you! Thats what its like here as well, but it gives new definition to a "headshot". (and you dont have to do your killing to the sounds of racist rednecks and singing 10 year olds)

Chances are if you like one you will like the other, but if it comes down to one, I would say NG2 is the better package. If you have already played DMC4 and havent played NG2 be prepared to be blown away. If you havent played either, you are clearly gay*. Thank You.   read

10:14 AM on 06.03.2008

Ninja Gaiden 2. Why I Hate You.

There has been a pretty good deal of hype for this game. I must admit, I have gotten a bit caught up in it myself. I decided I wanted to buy this game the moment I heard it was announced.

Not because I played it and thought it was good, but because I believed it would offer an experience in gaming second to none. Now, Im not so sure about that. Sure it will be cool the first few times I chop off some limbs. Im sure there will be moments of joy after succesfully defeating large groups of enemies with my deadly ninja attacks. But after that, what will I be left with? Not too much im affraid. I can admit it. I doubt I will even be compelled enough to finish the game at all unless there is something there that can manage to hook me in. I didnt find it in the first game, although it was fun in short burts. I was looking forward to this game noentheless.

Enter the case of the mysterious demo.

I was under the impression we could have had a demo for this thing weeks if not months ago and yet, here we are today, the day the game ships and nothing for us folks here in the States. As much as I want to blame the lack of a demo stateside on the weak US Dollar part of me knows the truth. The truth being this game is crap. I know its crap, I still want to play it, I still want to pay 60 bucks for it, but I know its crap.

I guess I just want a new game to play and this fits the desription, but at this point I am almost tempted to spend my 60 bucks on something else. (kung fu panda anyone?)

I mean, that Bourne game might not be the best game ever, but at least they let us try it ou before they released it. Even "Hour Of Victory" had a demo.

How bad does a game have to be to avoid the release of a demo until after it hits retail? I dont think it has to be "bad" per se, but I think when a game is sure to dissapoint based on either

a) lack of innovation

b) lack of polish or

c) lack of being good

there is a chance a demo will be held off to avoid turning off those people who will buy it day 1 before playing it (like myself). These people know there are many folks who will buy a sequel based on the love for the IP regardless, in fact I bet they are counting more on fans of the franchise to purchase this game than new people, people who have never played a NG game. So at the end of the day, I think they know that they have more to risk, then they do to gain and thus no demo.

I also think that the governement rigged the towers with explosives to bring thm down after the planes hit on 9/11 and that America, Canada, and Mexico will join forces and currencies bringing in the "amero" any day now. If you dont, thats your probelm! ;)

Also, r6v2 matchmaking STILL sucks.   read

1:37 PM on 04.21.2008

I got a Wii!! (beter late than never)

So I walk into one of the many local blockbusters Friday evening to return Dark Sector (finally, after 3 rentals) and what do I see? A brand new Nintendo Wii for sale. Of course my first reaction was to ask the dude behind the counter if they actually had one or if this was some sort of deception. He told me they had 1 or 2 remaining. (lies im sure) I immediately walk over to the Wii section to see what I would actually play if I bought this thing. First thing that jumps out is this “brawl” game I keep hearing about then I see Mario Galaxy out of the corner of my eye. I was sold. I decided I would rent them both along with my new purchase.

I was a little unsure how I would feel about these games for 2 reasons.

1) I have not had a Nintendo console since the NES and

2) I typically enjoy violent life like games such as COD4 and r6v2.

However, I couldn’t resist and was confident that Mario would be as great today as it was back in my younger days.

I was right. Mario Galaxy has given me feelings no 360 game has yet and is as fun as Mario 1, 2, and 3 was when I first played them. The game is genuinely fun! Imagine that. I bought a copy of Resident Evil 4 as well since I missed it on the GC and ps2 and have been eager to try it. I had a wonderful Wii-kend (see what I did there?) and am so excited that I got my hands on one! I think I will pick up Okami and No More Heroes soon. I also have to check out Twilight Princess (haven’t played Zelda since the sequel on the NES and Metroid Prime (haven’t played Metroid since the Original).

Any ideas or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

oh, and the best part? Chicks dig it!   read

8:55 AM on 04.10.2008

Why the Ninja Gaiden College Campus Tour = No demo for us

I would like to thank The Ninja Gaiden College Campus Tour for being the reason we have no Ninja Gaiden 2 demo on the Marketplace.

It is a good marketing move to generate some hype and get those kids excited to come check out the game but it sucks for those of us who are not in college.

It is quite obvious that they are allowing the college people to play the very demo we should all have access to. The thing is, if the demo were available nobody would go to their little tours when they showed up. Why should they when they could play it in the comfort of their own rooms?

So, although I give them credit for being creative and trying to generate excitement, I resent them for doing so in a way that excludes me. Its not like I cant live without a demo, but considering it is done and playable it would be nice to be able to play it.

Mark my words. The demo will pop up as soon as that tour is done.

Thanks college kids. First you get the cool college parties. You get the hot young crazy drunk college girls gone wild like orgies, and now this!!

*cries*   read

8:52 AM on 04.09.2008

Bioshock - Get your daughter away from that splicer!!

I came across this picture today and it intrigued me a bit more than it would someone who hasn't visited the world of Rapture.

According to my calculations, the big daddy should be there, in 3... 2...   read

9:16 AM on 04.08.2008

r6v2 matchmaking SUCKS. Seriously. and bad.

So last night I decided I wanted to play some r6v2 MP. All I wanted to do was play some deathmatch. Every man for himself. It seemed like a good plan. I haven’t played much MP on the game because it seems like a big pain in the ass. I guess I had forgotten how much of a pain it was, until last night. I want to say that I have NEVER had such a hard time getting into a match, and that no matchmaking has ever pissed me off like this. It is flat out horrible.

The point of this is basically a big FUCK YOU to the makers of this game. How do you copy COD4 in so many ways yet fuck up the matchmaking so bad?? I understand that you didn’t change much from the first game, I can live with that. But you couldn’t update the matchmaking?? Why can I simply pick a match in COD4 then press A and be playing within seconds, but in this game its like a chore from hell to play the match I want.

Let’s start with selecting the match. You put in your choices then your list of options should appear. First thing you will notice is a poor connection in every available match. 2 orange circles perhaps, maybe a red circle. Very rarely will you see the friendly green circles you desire. Once you have found a match that looks ok it should be simple right? No. By the time you enter the room several things may happen.

1. The match has already started, leaving you to spectate on the sidelines. (for the WHOLE time)

2. By the time you get there, the game type has changed. I could have sworn I picked deathmatch, why is this a lobby for total conquest??

3. You get there and you have to wait for some cock sucking douchebag to start the match. Which he never does. If you were in one of those rooms with me last night you may have heard me cursing the scum bag who decided to host a room then walk away from his tv while we all sat there waiting. (seriously) (twice)

4. After you’ve selected your custom match, and go into the lobby, and leave because its fucked up, it will take you back to the matchmaking screen and do an automatic search. Sounds convenient right? Wrong. Because it searches for any kind of match and not the one you just specified moments earlier. Give me a friggin break!

Not to mention, there seems to be a lag problem that I have not experienced since playing The Darkness MP (once) Seriously, Lag?? I just dumped a clip full of bullets into this guys skull only to see him disappear then reappear behind me, killing me with a shotgun blast. Fun.

I played one match, then spent at least 30 minutes trying to get into another match. I must have entered 15 different lobbies only to be greeted by disappointment and frustration. Eventually I couldn’t take it any more and had to take the game out before I smashed my controller through the TV screen.

Where to turn? Good old COD4. Thank you for being there for me old friend.

To the lazy scumbag fuck ups who half assed the matchmaking in a game where MP is one of the best aspects, you should all be fired and replaced by the guys who made yaris.   read

2:45 PM on 04.01.2008

Wii Peeing Game. (with strap on)

I have reason to believe this is real, although it is very likely not. But it looks real nonetheless.

Personally I dont have a Wii or any reason to play this (I am very familiar withthe art of gettting your piss stream into the bowl)

but all of the female gamers out there with cock envy might want to check this out.

[embed]79123:9858[/embed]   read

10:24 AM on 03.26.2008

XBLM Demo's. Why Have You Forsaken Me?

I know these are free, and nobody is required to offer a demo but sheesh. It has been at least a couple of weeks since a new demo has been offered up. It would be one thing if no new games were coming out, but there has been several releases as of late in which no demo was available.

Free demo's are awesome. Few things get me as excited as seeing a demo for a game ive been anticiapting showing up on the marketplace before the game is available.

Things like that are part of the reason I pay my live service fee each month with joy and spend a decent amount of time on the dashboard. I cant even count how many games I have purchased based on the experience I had with the demo.

Chances are, if I like the demo, I will buy the game. This leads me to believe companies fear the opposite reaction when they dont offer up a demo before the game is released.

Certain games obviously dont need a demo since we are going to buy them regardless. But others could definitely benefit from one. (The Club, Burnout Paradise to name a couple of games I wasnt so sure about until the demos got me hooked.)

My issue isnt so much about there not being very many demos lately, it is more about the people behind the games not doing everything they can to get us one before the game comes out.

Stop being pussies guys. Dont be affraid that if we actually get a chance to play your game it will turn us off so bad that we will want nothing to do with it. (Im looking at you Turning Point).

At the end of the day, if your demo sucks it might be a good way to find out how people really feel about it and potentially fix the problems before the game comes out.   read

9:13 AM on 03.25.2008

20 minutes with the BattleField beta before work

So I got up a little early today so I could check out this beta. Im wondering if the extra 20 minutes of sleep would have been a better bet. I will say I didn’t get enough time to make a fair assessment of the game, and I will say I would rather still be playing it then be here at work. My main interest this morning was to check out the “destructible environments” I have seen demo’d in a few videos. In short, they sucked. In the video it looked like it was different than other games and what and where you shot would make a difference. It seems that the building damage is the same as I’ve seen in a zillion other games. I did shoot a few branches off of a few trees, which was exhilarating. Ok, so amazing destruction? Not so much. In the games defense, there was an awful lot going on around me that prevented me from exploring the way I would have liked.

The graphics were pretty impressive I guess, for those of you who are into that sort of thing. There was a lot of stuff going on, and honestly I was a bit confused. I killed a few of my teammates and managed to hop into a tank, which was pretty cool. I then shot a few rounds at a few more teammates. I don’t condone killing a teammate and would never do it intentionally, but I didn’t know what the heck was going on. Apparently the one mode they have going is an attack and defend type of thing where one team has to protect containers of gold, while the other team has to destroy them. As interesting as that may be, I really wish there was a deathmatch/team deathmatch option.

I did hop into some water and swim around the corner into the enemy territory, that was kind of cool. Before I got blasted. It did seem like some fun could be had, under the right circumstances. (rushing to work not being one of them)

It is fast paced and frantic, that’s for sure. I’m kind of enjoying the slower more tactical pace of R6V2 but might hop back on a little later to give it another more serious run through, if anyone else has it, hit me up.   read

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