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9:18 PM on 01.23.2010

Well I do not agree on your presentation, Hollywood.

Quickly before I get to my point, I must say that you should go see The Book Of Eli. If you don't like the message it tries a little too hard to bring, then you will at least love the ass kicking that Denzel Washington flaunts around like some incredible hulk child swinging a whiffle ball bat. You will also get a few laughs out of the terrible and unforgivable green screen effects.

Now to the POINT!

The previews are what I used to enjoy about walking into a movie. The surprise of a new movie that makes you anticipate the day that it comes out in theaters. Well, lately that surprise has been getting ruined by the trailer... The trailer is supposed to help you anticipate the movie's release, not tell you the whole story and all the events that occur. WHAT THE FUCK HOLLYWOOD!!

An example: Mel Gibson's comeback in the movie "The Edge of Darkness"
The trailer is the exact one I saw before seeing Denzel kick pure uncensored ass. Only watch if you want to see an example because this one trailer shows all of the surprise in the movie. A child could even summarize the entire movie. What could have been a good film to look forward to, is now one to just wait for it to come on HBO. Who would spend eight dollars on a movie you already know the plot too.

Heres the trailer if you want to feel as I do.

Do the guys who edit these trailers know anything about promoting a movie? Do I even know? ...i think i do.

Heres a list of what a trailer should consist of:
- An introduction to the protagonist
- An introduction the 'background' of the story.
- And a couple action sequences

What it should not consist of:
- The antagonist's whole set of dialogue.
- And definitely not the entire set of events that lead up to the demise of the antagonist.

Albeit these are my own thoughts on it, and I'm no professor of filming and editing.

It has just now come to my knowledge that this is based off of a tv series. Possibly the trailer is only trying to show that it is just like the tv series. I was not even alive around the time it was on television. But my opinion still stands that trailers are getting too deep into the movie. Yet my including of "The Edge of Darkness" is not a prime example..

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