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2:46 PM on 07.18.2010

How to play L4D and L4D2 without being annoying

We in steamtoid have been playing more and more L4D and L4D2 lately. More and more my stress levels have been going up because people don't know how to play the game without being extremely annoying. Yes, I'm being a jerk, you can hate on me all you want, but hopefully this will be for the good of all L4D players, rookies and vets alike. This will be a short list of rules and details on how to play L4D without people thinking you're a twit.

1) No man left behind!

This means don't run off on your own leaving your teammates behind as they are being harangued by the infected. You're not going to make it and the rest of the team suffers because of this. ESPECIALLY don't run off to the safehouse if your team is right outside it but happened to get held up by a hunter or smoker or whatever and are otherwise in good health. An exception may be if a tank is chasing your team and the safehouse is right there. At this time only is an "every man for himself run to the safehouse" scenario in effect.

Rochelle is a little too far away for comfort.

2) Try to keep up

You don't have to run into every room to check for items. You don't always have to stop and read the graffiti while your team proceeds ahead. If you need to stop for some reason, at least let your teammates know before you do. Don't wait until your team is half a mile away and you're pounced by a hunter to start telling your team to wait up.

3) Communication is key

Going right along with the previous point, you always want to make sure that your team is aware of your situation. Some key things to point out to the rest of your team include: When you spot a Special Infected in the direction the team is proceeding, when you are "Black and White", when you are pounced or smoked, when you are about to die, when you want to stop and heal, when you find an item that a teammate can pick up.

4) Wait to heal

Your speed decreases with you health, but that doesn't mean once you hit 50 hp you should stop to heal. Really you don't need to even think about healing until you've been downed at least once. You never know, there may be pain pills up ahead that will be sufficient to get you to the safehouse. Generally speaking, I'll not use a health pack until I'm "Black and White". There are exceptions. some of which include an abundance of health kits, meaning everyone on your team is carrying a health kit and you come across another on the level. In this case, the teammate with the lowest current health should use theirs and pick the new one up. Another exception would be when you expect to face a tank and are below 50 hp.

5) How to deal with a tank

There is strength in numbers. Dealing with a tank is the most important time that a team sticks together. This is the most important time to NOT go running off on your own. If your team all gangs up on a tank at once more than likely you will down it before it's able to do any significant damage to any of you. Yes a few of you may take a hit or two but you should all come out alive barring any Special Infected interference. If possible it's a bonus to set the tank on fire or use boomer bile on it. Even in this case though it's better to have all of the team directly attack the tank while it's burning than it is to just run away and hope it burns out before inflicting more damage.

Zoey facing a tank by herself with no teammates nearby... bad news.

6) Don't chase AI

The only SI you should be worrying about are those that are between you and the safehouse, and those that are actually attacking your teammates now. The only time you should ever back track to kill an infected is when it is currently attacking a teammate, like a smoker pulling a teammate behind the team. Don't go running back to the start of the level chasing a boomer. By the time you get back to where you first saw it, it will already be on it's way to respawning. The object of the game is to make it to the safehouse, not kill every last zombie.

7) Help your teammates as quickly as possible

Say you see a teammate pulled by a smoker. You have to quickly determine whether it's better to kill the smoker first, or to run to your teammate and melee the tongue off and then kill the smoker. This of course all depends on how close to your teammate you are and if there are obstacles between you and the teammate. If you're within 20 ft of your teammate and there is nothing between you and him, you should melee the teammate and then attempt to kill the smoker. If you're more than 20 ft away from the teammate or there is a horde of infected you're dealing with, it's probably better to try to shoot the smoker.

8) Prioritize

Teammates that are currently being attacked by a smoker pouncer or jockey always take precedence over teammates that are down. Don't attempt to revive a down teammate until you know the rest of the team is safe from being downed themselves. An exception would be if a teammate is down and close to dying while another teammate has just been pounced when he had full health. You should also coordinate, if one member is down and another member was just pounced, you have two remaining members, one of whom can revive the downed player while the other frees the pounced player.

Covering your teammates while one revives another is a great idea.

9) Pay attention to your teammates

If you see a teammate down to 1 hp, don't be selfish and keep the pills to yourself, hand them over. When you are in a time of need your teammates will surely help you out as well. Try to be aware of any teammates current situation and your own compared to theirs. Try to realize when someone is too far away from the rest of the team. Listen for the sounds of teammates being pounced or pulled or jockeyed. Don't walk around like a zombie ignoring everything that goes on around you.

10) Don't whine over the chat

Things might not be working out for you, but all of us are having to deal with challenges during the apocalypse. You complaining about how the SI are teaming up on you, or how you don't have a health pack and you're under 50hp while the rest of your team is in the same position or worse, is not going to help things at all. All that does is stress the rest of the team out and make them think you're a douche.

I think these steps are very simple to follow and if you try to keep them in the back of your mind when playing, it will not only benefit the team in game but will also make the game much more enjoyable for all parties involved.   read

11:05 AM on 06.01.2010

Mr Destructoid saves the world!

Mr. Destructoid is now hard at work saving the world in the PS3 game, 3d Dot Game Heroes.

Here are some pictures of him wandering around the glorious country of Dotnia.

You can download and play him yourself here.

I created him from scratch using the in game editor and the following pictures as source material.

Hope you enjoy!   read

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