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benjaminajacobs's blog

2:46 PM on 07.18.2010

How to play L4D and L4D2 without being annoying

We in steamtoid have been playing more and more L4D and L4D2 lately. More and more my stress levels have been going up because people don't know how to play the game without being extremely annoying. Yes, I'm being a jerk, yo...   read

11:05 AM on 06.01.2010

Mr Destructoid saves the world!

Mr. Destructoid is now hard at work saving the world in the PS3 game, 3d Dot Game Heroes. Here are some pictures of him wandering around the glorious country of Dotnia. You can download and play him yourself here. I created him from scratch using the in game editor and the following pictures as source material. Hope you enjoy!   read

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