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10:45 AM on 04.14.2013

Oh the places you'll go

I like my clothes plain. I don't like stripes, words, pictures, or even bright colors. I was never one to wear anything but solid colored polo shirts and bluejeans. In fact I didn't even own a t-shirt.

This all changed March 4th, 2011. That was the day that I bought my DTOID Kamikaze t-shirt from Split Reason.

I felt willed to buy this shirt, I loved its simple design and the fact that it had no words. I could break out of my boring wardrobe and support my favorite website at the same time. When listing my top 5 prized possessions this shirt now makes the list.

Since getting my shirt it has gone with me to many places. Here is a photo / video diary of these times. Most of the videos are from a blog that my friend posts weekly:

This first photo is of my lovely Wife and I at Pin-a-Go-Go. Pin-a-Go-Go is a 3 day pinball convention held at the Dixon Fair Ground, in Dixon CA. We have gone the last two year, and this year will be their 17th annual convention. There are over 100 pinball games all set on free play.

I went to another videogame convention that year: "California Extreme". The year I went the convention was held at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara. When looking for pictures to post to this blog I realized that the one one I took was of me leaving the bathroom!

The next photo shows me on the beach of Bodega Bay. I often visit this area with it only being a few hours from my house.

My Dads birthday is on Christmas Eve. We go to Sushi every year. We are at Blue Nami in Orangevale CA.

Here I am getting saucy with a tree. I spent the weekend in Santa Cruz and on the way home stopped by a forest trail to explore.

For my last birthday I held a Hold'em tournament at my house. I did'nt win, but my wife beat the guy on the right with the glasses to take it all.

My Niece and I wait patiently at the hospital for her little sister to be born.

The Last picture was taken at a 7-11 parking lot. I needed a Big Bite after a long day of going to Garage sales, looking for games and books.

The first video was taken by my wife. I'm in the main dining hall of the cruise ship Splendor. We are sailing out to open water after spending the day snorkeling in Mexico.

I was invited to attend a flash mob at a local Taco Bell. Things didn't turn out as planned, but I had a blast.

My Destructiod shirt has come along with me to a 3 food eating competitions. This video is the first one I attempted. The pho king challenge = 2 pounds Meat 2 pounds noodles.

The second food challenge was a little easier on the stomach. The contest was the Big Daddy Dave at Leatherby's Family Creamery.

The third food competition was at knucklehead hot dogs in Roseville CA. This challenge had been highlighted in a episode of Man Vs Food. I wanted this one bad. You will have to watch to see how it went.

DTOID Kamikaze was also a member of a Harlem Shake video. My favorite part is the guy wrangling the emu in the back group.

I saved my favorite for last. I help my friend recreate the Gangnam Style video. The best part is that I get o hang out with my good friend and bust a move like we just don't care. I hope you like it.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and videos I shared with you. I know that is my favorite site to visit, and I assume that its true for many of you too. If you have pictures of yourselves sporting your DTOID gear post the pictures below, think it will be fun.


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