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Originally, I was going to make a rather bleak and depressing Christmas comictoid, one which I had been working on for a while unlike the somewhat rushed ones from the last few weeks. I was feeling rather angry during the Christmas shopping season that begun with black Friday due to a combination of stressful work, exams and people being so very nasty, but after my school vacation begun and I had time to enjoy things once more, the holiday spirit sneaked into me like a parasitic worm. I was able to play videogames again, and i needed something that would allow me to enter relaxation mode as effectively as possible. Animal crossing did the trick, and its snowy town landscape and friendly animal cuteness melted my stress completely.

I made this illustration to replace the original strip because i feel it represents my holiday mood much better. Hot coco and friends are what these few days are all about for me. The objective is always to be as god damn comfy as you can. No need for a lot of gifts and even decoration, just some sweaters, cold weather, friends, and some good god damn coco with melted marshmallows.

And also videogames, always videogames

I'll be posting the original sometime after the season's over, when I’ll probably get angry again, and I can find it funny once more.

Happy whatever you call it.


Culos is spanish for ass. beef is spanish for Reggie

ALSO. Last Scion of the house of blue lions AND Nihil had a brilliant idea for a comic regarding the oculus rift in the forum thread. i thought i should make a rift related comic, but their idea might work much better as an animated video. *Hint*Hint 

Also, last monday my internet decided to die, and i had to switch providers (they stopped accepting my type of credit card) so expect an extra comic this week.

*yes i am making an animated comictoid... It's hard as balls but i am doing out of love.


Here's a hastily made version of this week's comic. i recently lost the hard drive with the actual comic on it, so i made an abridged version to meet monday.

This is inspired by an idea submitted by glowbear in the forums

BY THE WAY. you can help write comics in this thread!